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CAN SHE CLUTCH IT? – Clash of Clans – Upgrading Valkyries + Millions of Loot

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  1. why did u give leader to Fsutl

  2. For a million subs you should do more challenge raids on BOTH royale and clash! 😀 Like the hoverboard attack you've done before :)

  3. my name vickstar

  4. CQOTD: for 1 mill will u do what does hwd stand for?

  5. wite make it 0 trophies to join your clan cause I really want in your clan im big fan ive been trying to join for 2 years

  6. Gem the valks we wanna see the content with the max valks strat before they nerf them

  7. You said a while back that when you hit 1 mill you would say what witelightningHWD stands for and where you got it from

  8. nipple reveal for 1 mil

  9. Nooooooo, save the car video for 1 Mil!!

  10. ???????????????????????????????????????

  11. hey mytic7 gem the valks to max just valks

  12. Make a video about why/what is hwb mean for ~1,000,000

  13. First

  14. You are fucking awesome

  15. fuck you clash is much better than royal I hate that shit

  16. Coc is way better then clash royale

  17. are you coleson from clash of comedy

  18. QQOTD: why do you swear so much? It doesn't seem to be needed. <3

  19. Try to be more like cam don't just focus on coc do something like family fridays

  20. Whites videos are starting to get rlly boring

  21. sky dive when you hit 1million love your videos