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Castle Clash – Arctica! Awesome New Christmas Hero

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  1. Hey bro I've been kicked out of the guild but i dont know why could you maybe talk to mad about it


  3. Can't Believe we still haven't had this hero! mid january with guild wars maybe as they have had to postpone it on the taiwan server!


  5. I like you intro

  6. song ?

  7. Molt,arctica,pd,dd,sk all double evolved maxed out skill levels with all 8/8 life drains holy sh*t

  8. Nice bro ;)

  9. i hope it will be shard or in gem roll

  10. guess what I suggested it AND THEY WILL ADD IT

  11. CC.. Can we get him with shards to??

  12. Any information on when this hero will be released?

  13. So a buffed up pixie ice demon that looks like a Moltanica. (Yes, it's blue, but once evolved it will probably get that red fiery tint to it, like all the others.) No front legs means it's also a flyer.
    One thing is for sure; this is going to be amazing for insane dungeons.

    Annoying thing is I finally got all the heroes in the game, so I could start saving my gems for other stuff. 'Gotta roll again now. :)

  14. anyone think of a op combo with atrica mine is
    pd,atrica,cupid,skullknight,dread drake, harpy and santa

  15. imagine arctic and molty side by side :D

  16. I hope you can roll it. I'm about to drop $150 in gems cause I 6 legends (including the new ice Dragon). look forward to a vid on that on my channel XD

  17. his prok works like the ice spell

  18. first