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Castle Clash Arctica VS Moltanica!

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  1. hola heló

  2. happy new year bluepanda 😀 from here in Norway ;:D

  3. moltanica 11 walls with the 2 hero bases, 13 with the one molt attacked first.
    Artica 16 walls with the 2 hero bases, 12 without counting the hero base

  4. #mino

  5. guys can anyone generate gems for me cuz with me doesnt work. my account name is gogstu1

  6. привет из Росии!

  7. He's in the Asian version already BTW (arctica)

  8. Get panda does ur executive producer and editor play cc kindle

  9. …and the game becomes even more pay to win..

  10. I'm new to this game and I love the game and I want to join a gauld my name is KaedenDaGreat

  11. #panda

  12. Greats Videos Broz! God Bless????

  13. Selling sm account 70k might, 9 star pd, cupid, aries, warlock, druid, sb, and orc (Just got sm) Crests for every hero.
    In a guild that can do guild wars msg my line

  14. Arctica can freeze demon too

  15. ATTENTION trading lvl100 grizzly reaper account for a Santa boom or pumpkin boom account

  16. Guys can someone generatie gems for me, because i tried but when i put my phone number it doesnt work
    My castle clash name is: djenzen

  17. make video about painda

  18. can you please I mean please buy gems on my account and roll for me
    my email is [email protected]

  19. what if both dragons are together. would that be destuctive

  20. i dont know how much money i hav waste last time just to get moltanica and pd

  21. i rolled a random 450 gems and got goulem