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Castle Clash Birthday Sneak Peek!

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  1. Well my bday was yesterday :(

  2. Plz do another 100k account give away plzzz

  3. troops talent still havent out yet! wait… i forgot troops is garbage now…

  4. I'm sure that there is going to be a new hero… but when is IGG going to make a new talent?

  5. There is an empty guild portal. "All's fair in war" seems like guild members fighting each other.

  6. Omg trading? make a match? match up with someone who wants to trade?…

  7. I bet its a new Game mode in Guild Events l0l

  8. hopefully its a 1v1 match against anyone, so that we can test our heroes, it would help to see how different talents work against others

  9. Hopefully evo 3 xD

  10. to me it sounds like a free triple roll, and if you get a match you get a hero, or a new type of f2p event

  11. aevatrex I've got the new hero on Taiwan I want send you a video with new video but I need your line to contact you

  12. Selling my 97K might account [android]
    I'am sweeping dungeon 4-10.
    Have all artifacts lvl 5.
    And mutiple dups so you can evo and devo.
    I have all legends unless the last 3 with beast talents.
    Heroes : skill lvl , talent :
    -skull night : 8/10 , 6/8 deadly strike
    -pixie : 8/10 , 3/8 berserk
    -pumpkin duke : 9/10 , 7/8 berserk
    -vlad drakula : 7/10 , 6/8 war god
    -aries : 8/10 , 5/5 revitalize
    -santa boom : 7/10 , 4/5 war god
    -dread drake : 7/10 , 5/8 sprint
    -ghoulem : 8/10 , 6/8 bulwark
    -warlock : 8/10 , 5/5 revitalize
    -minotaur : 8/10 , 7/8 war god
    -cupid : 8/10 , 5/5 revitalize
    -valentina : 7/10 , 5/5 revitalize
    -phantom king : 5/10 , 5/5 enlighten
    -atlanticore : 5/10 , 5/5 heaven's wrath
    -spirit mage : 7/10 , 5/8 berserk
    -moltanica : 6/10 , 2/5 enlighten
    -treantaur : 7/10 , 5/8 stone skin
    -destroyer : 5/10 , 4/8 sprint
    If you are a serious buyer then ad me on LINE APP my id is "bigspycc"
    Selling for 100€ by paypal (non negociable and no trade)

  13. New hero

  14. Here be monsters? I think

  15. The hint seems like you might be able to choose your guild war opponent "make a match" and then it said "all's fair in war"

  16. Could also be a new rolling method for gem heroes

  17. kd os BR nessa porra?

  18. you didnt credit DEAF Kev – Invincible [NCS Release]

  19. triple evolved

  20. #aevatrex new hero,triple evoultion,new gamemode. triple evolution the star will be purple

  21. New hero: Doom Axe. Reduces healing. That's all the info I got.

  22. New guild event i think

  23. make a match??? maybe no restrictions on who can do gw so like guild 20000etc can participate anyone else think so???

  24. maybe Ave ….. I think it's gonna be a new event for the guild … because to me it said the other guild event coming soon so I think its that

  25. i got it new hero it fly's and it's called doom axe

  26. They double Fortress Feud to twice per month and new hero Doomaxe

  27. Well honestly my account has 97,488 might and yes your way ahead of me

  28. feud twice a month

  29. I am going to guess that is a new hero rolling system, since it says "all's fair in war" so the hero rolling is much more fair than before.

  30. TRADING M8

  31. ARENA!!!

  32. I really hope they add hero slots

  33. i would love to see evolution to green and blue heroes and be like, u evolve a green, an it becomes blue then purple then orange

  34. I THINK:
    More dungeons
    new game on the guild house :p xD
    and neew heroe