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Castle Clash Demogorgon (Thunder Dragon) (New Hero)

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  2. BRUH looks beast?

  3. perfect idea for IGG to do. make a hero bundle that contains a moltanica card, an artica card, and a thunder dragon card, plus 3 legendary hero cards, 75 honor badge crates, and 50 XP crates, and make it $59.99 for purchase, and make it exclusive for only 4 days, the week after the thunder dragon is released in the game.

  4. omg I love that dragon I know how much gems on the german Servers will bei rolled on my Accounts

  5. so it's alanticore

  6. he is a gem hero I saw the symbols on the event only heroes and gem heroes change

  7. hey stop swearing would you

  8. he is an event only hero. if you look below him where it tells you how he can be obtained. the writing is the same as moltanica and arctica

  9. technically 4 dragons now not 3

  10. Bro that's lit!!!!…

  11. castle clash make a sweet dwarf hero champion sucks..

  12. i knew it … every 7 heroes with gems the 8th hero can get it with event .. damn

  13. its event only

  14. u can see the words in purple and they are same as artica

  15. yes he is a event hero

  16. we can get this hero from the roll?

  17. hopefully he's not like dracax, total trash

  18. thunder god win for egg. no rolling :/

  19. Sadly it's event only…

  20. Its a event only Hero because i compered to arctica and the chinese text was the same but not the same on gem heroes

  21. best video ever!!

  22. It is event only look at the event heroes and how the symbols looks compared to the gem heroes and this thunder dragon had the same symbols as the event heroes

  23. new hero is super but do you have some english version of game

  24. it is a event only hero becos the letters under the dragon are difrend. medusa has other letters and artica has the same?

  25. Yeah its only event hero…sad.

  26. Nooo -.- he is event only! So annoying

  27. like wtf cc need to give me some time to get new heroes before they make new ones (-_-)

  28. Lol! Another dragon? sad

  29. Its an event only hero! if you check on tw server where it says how you can get the hero(shards, rolling,event only) and under this dragon it says the same as arctica and moltanica meaninh it is an event hero only

  30. it's from another igg game named col and col2

  31. kickass hereo 😀 if it rollable hereo will u buy gems to roll him ?

  32. another dragon??!!

  33. whaaaaaaaats up people? :D

  34. when is the update?

  35. this hero looks freakin freakin cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. BUEN VIDEO! !!

  37. Bro I have suggest if u get it make thunder God vs thunder dragon it will be great if u dont I will un sub

  38. woohoo, another hero that will only benefit 0.01% of the players!! GG IGG, you really know how to release a good update.

  39. wins it for gems or event?

  40. not fair , iam ftp , it destroys everythng

  41. hmm

  42. omg

  43. it's a gem only hero I saw that cause the how to roll ( under hero's picture ) it is the same as medusa so.. that means that it's a gem only hero.

  44. It has also a passive skill in the description that you didn' t say… can you tell us please ?:)

  45. wtf this hero got some badass power,hope can see it in ur acc to see how op he/she is ;D

  46. its going to be event only cuz the writing of how to get the hero ( gems or shards ..) is the same as molt and arc

  47. Are you sure cause the writing in the video when he hovered over Atrica the writing was different and the writing for the thunder dragon was the same as all the other Heros I don't think it would be a even hero just saying

  48. If moltanica is a fire dragon like moltres
    And arctica is an ice dragon like articuno
    Then this next dragon must be named after zapdos, so maybe zaptica or zapdica

  49. is it released in taiwan?