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Castle Clash New Event Hero!

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  1. Don't worry aev, you got Marty ;)

  2. Watch as the name is something gay like shocktica o_0

  3. dont buy gems

  4. this just makes me mad another event only hero they should at least make moltanica gem roll and event only now so it's fair to people who can't buy gems

  5. His names Dargon. So dragon mis spelt. I bet they stayed in the office all night and ordered chinese to come up with that one

  6. Their is (do you know the code) event on taiwan server, does anyone know the codes ?

  7. can igg be fair

  8. igg u are gay this game is now p2 win

  9. Fuck IGG Asian Chinese!!!

  10. I think it's only a event only hero because it's a dragon and i need a Good sniper i only have grizzly

  11. I'm happy I stopped playing this game

  12. Moltanica was also named Dargon before release.

  13. The amount of money I've wasted on this game.. I should have 5 Arcticas and yet I have never gotten one.

  14. thunder dragon

  15. I am sure Marty will drop the $ for this hero lol

  16. Does anyone know how this hero will or can be obtained?

  17. Next hero should be Harambe

  18. tell them aev to make him a gem hero

  19. I still don't have artica a golem or a medusa

  20. I love how they come out with another event hero not even a year after Artica came out. They just want talks money faster. I've spent over $2,000 on this game and only have molt. The gem to dollar ratio is trash in this game. They always have a "sale" on this game so you think you are getting a good deal but it take no money to generate gems as an in game currency. They can make it whatever they want.

  21. Before Arctica came out, I was 1k gems away from my FIRST Mino. Now I'm 2k gems away from my SECOND Destroyer, and still no Arctica. I'm done chasing after event-only heroes. IGG should have made this one either a gem-only, or a gem-purchase hero.

  22. im about to have a third Dragon

  23. Aevatrex pls pls can i join your guild i have just 50k might but there is 12 places empty

  24. still not as good as Harambe

  25. why there is a picture from coc ???!!!

  26. Bad news for f2p

  27. aevtrex i think this new hero is suppose to "stop" skull knight as well

  28. or sniper hero

  29. I think Santa boom can kill this new thing

  30. guild BR LEGION-BR com boss chama la 86 985695089

  31. the dragons skill doesn't hit 5 ppl til lvl 10. hes also immune to stun/fear