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  1. my guild is so good

  2. Theyre just gonna copy what they do in clash of lords, a game also created by igg. You pretty much send your heroes out, attack a base that has buffed heroes and buildings have more hp and based on how much damage you do you get a certain amount of points

  3. I really wanna see what those thing that look like gem mines do.I hope its not some decoration.I wonder what r the Mac rewards possible 4 war

  4. who else tried scrolling the screen

  5. i can't wait but its like coc

  6. seems cool but alot like clash of clans in my opinion but i like the idea, because in clash of clans you get alot of loot winning a war, so hopefully we get alot of prizes.

  7. I just rolled an Orksbane, what crests do i put on him? Plz anyone awnser

  8. ★ On the 10th day of ‪christmas my Hero gave to me ★
    Ten Knights a-Kneeling
    Nine Pirates Prancing
    Eight Keys Unlocking
    Seven 'Zillas Chilling
    Six Builders Building
    Five Ghoulem Kings
    Four Shards-a-Shining
    Three Happy Harpies
    Two Pixie Pecks
    And a Partridge in a Treantaur

  9. I feel that we should battle for a gem prize for the f2p players

  10. come join my guild only on Android rank 3190 might 40k come join @Dark_Knight_

  11. it mum

  12. Unsubscribed ur soo boring

  13. what happend to that guy who said he saw u at walwart while u where talking in ur live stream??

  14. hey can you guys pick who is overall better in every game mode reaper or thunder god? discard the talents and crest. im having a hard tine deciding who i should really use as a sixth hero. thanks by the way

  15. I'm saying that Igg makes in update on guild wars and having a big battlefield and maybe putting all of your heroes against the other team

  16. Well, before the guild wars come up. I would like to join you guild

  17. hey brutal, can u give me a shout out for me channel i have alot of accounts as giveaway……… please i want that help from u and thanks :)

  18. I have 12k might and a PD and I need a guild;)

  19. I don't really like the idea. I may have gotten the wrong idea, so I'll explain what I understood:
    1 hero + troops against a base.
    If it's like that, then a guild full of minotaurs will be the easy winner, right? Same thing with skull knight and maybe other heroes too… Idk, extra fame is good, but is the way to get it fair enough?

  20. Basically Clash of Lords guild clash?