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Castle Clash New Hero Valentina Gameplay!

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  1. every new heroe changes arena.. because it means that every1 will want this new hero so every1 will change their wallets:I and at the end they will counter this hero with the newer..

  2. they make pretty much only arena only heroes from 1year already -_-

  3. they always do something like this.. now some1 wants vlad.. u spend a lot of money 2 get im and finally u get him but.. they make a new hero that is not only vlads proc but also something.. so spend more money. cupid was good.. now fuck cupid right? balentina is here with kicking cupid from top and mostly used heroes. i didnt roll any1 from 8months :I

  4. 11:30 she has a gain energy over time effect look at druids energy without him hitting while in the radius it go gose up over time she is better than cupid, especially in arena she will be a game changer.

  5. at some point IGG will break CC's game mechanic

  6. pd and val

  7. You have 22,222 views ;p

  8. My little baby will be gone :(

  9. OMG

  10. #Mino

  11. I think she will be a must have hero. I see the thought process for alot of teams being changed for lb really soon.

  12. Rip Aries you were the God of arena now you are not

    Will Minotaur come back to arena then???

  13. Cupid no limited range and at 10/10 gives all heroes a 7/8 war god
    This valentina thing has a range, but seems to give a lot more energy, plus is immune to aries and makes everyone in her range immune as well.
    Honestly both have good things, Valentina will replace cupid in arena no doubt, in HBM no idea

  14. h

  15. Rip cupid. He/she would be replaced now and be forgotten lmfao.

  16. I need her, I still don't have Cupid but a 9/10 pd

  17. fuck u igg releasing heroes just to counter aries.

  18. how often do you run into Aries in hbm, and dungeons causing you to lose, she is mostly for arena and top players to twist a new strategy around because cupid with energy seems to be just as good just cupid is instant energy jump where hers is only filling up over time…. I see more for arena but if you know your enemy runs Aries use her, if your enemy uses her, swap Aries there are stronger heroes that pack punches, I know personally I'd love to see her proc with warlock, I see these 2 being a huge combo together to fire off an instant spawn then before he reaches the fight she makes him proc again , not to mention heroes with no cool downs now having her boost them means machine gun procs I am going to make sure she is a starter for my heroes

  19. everyone spent 100 of dollars to get aries and now he isn't good

  20. welp… goobye Cupid

  21. Hmm. Maybe it is time to leave this game. It is almost ruined, by greedy IGG.

  22. I still want cupid more.

  23. you don't have to look at Druid because shes filling up her own energy bar as well.