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Castle Clash: New Hero Valentina Sneak Peek!

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  1. Guys I have a video with the details for the update! Check it out!

  2. Now I'm really disliking this game and about to quit this game and unsubscring all cc youtubers

  3. Where's giveaway winner m8 btw nice vid

  4. love the new intro!:)

  5. Don't you dare to place such a blasphemy about our glorious Frost Witch, this new one is nothing more than just mutated Pixie :P

  6. Hero: Queen of Sweet Heart
    Skill: Sweet Heart Hurricane
    Disable silence debuff of surrounding allies, and buff max X energy for X sec, and increase X% dodge rate CD 6sec, hero is immune to silence. New hero proc I think. Its crit not dodge*. if this true…aries & eye of garuda will be in trouble.

  7. That clue of love at first proc might mean, you will love this hero when you see her proc first time.

  8. Bruh what was that word again? Damnynocominic?

  9. Maybe she turns one of your hero's against you for like a few seconds

  10. tw…server…
    Hero Title: Sweetheart Queen
    Skills Name: Sweetheart Storm
    Skill Description: lifting of silence surrounding allies and release the turmoil surrounding the friendly state, X seconds storm continued to recover most friendly X-point energy, and increased X% crit Resistance chance. (Cooling time X seconds, hero immune silencing effect)

  11. Now i don't like this game

  12. Mixed of a Cupid and a stun hero XD

  13. She is going to make be stunned by her clothing style, cause god damn she is a whore

  14. Sneak peak for a new hero already? Damn IGG,Arctica just came out.

  15. It should be shard hero

  16. may I ask when r u gonna anounce the winner of the giveaway

  17. Cupid, pixie and harpy all in 1

  18. Maybe it turns enemies on eachother

  19. maybe when she procs it shows a heart over enemies and they dont attack u and friends for a few seconds it also does some kind of dmg when a heart is on an enemy

  20. im hoping she makes otheer heroes fight for you

  21. Pixie hotter stepsister

  22. She could maybe control the enemy hero for a couple seconds

  23. I think she will have some kind of stun, and will be important in arena

  24. Another slut

  25. i still haven't even gotten pd 🙁 stahp pls.

  26. fuck this game, ive gone straight f2p and will stay like that until igg ultimately ruins it