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Castle Clash New Hero!!!

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  1. #mino

  2. this channel has too less subscribers, it is a good channel. SUBSCRIBE :D

  3. Now I'm realy disliking this game and about to quit this game and usnsubscribing to all cc youtubers

  4. Hero: Queen of Sweet Heart
    Skill: Sweet Heart Hurricane
    Disable silence debuff of surrounding allies, and buff max X energy for X sec, and increase X% dodge rate CD 6sec, hero is immune to silence. New hero proc I think. Its crit not dodge*. if this true…aries & eye of garuda will be in trouble.

  5. Omg… You know why? Every hero is p2p just cause Igg is greedy af

  6. Now i don't like this game

  7. If I get her (unlikely) I'll let you play on my account and play around with her.

  8. siren+pixy= baby

  9. give a dislike on my FIRST VID!

  10. I beat hbm O at town hall 16 and nearly beat p

  11. What is ur Line Chat?

  12. the end do

  13. I hate that they keep making the girls half naked! It's not what we want man I just want them to make some beast of a female hero!

  14. I watched this new hero review first :)

  15. that was meeee!

  16. My right ear feels neglected. ;(

  17. who posted first? Rawtism or wassup?

  18. #giveaway

  19. That looks like siren

  20. wassupgaming

  21. Second

  22. wow first view and comment