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Castle Clash New Towers Sneak Peek

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  1. new lost relaimm new inscribe levels

  2. i think its
    a new defense that attacks like cannons or something

  3. sweet

  4. nice vid in Arabic مقطع حلو

  5. Can you message me on line, my id is thescavenger I want to start YouTube but don't know where to get some things

  6. i think those 5 totems are the same totem but jsut different upgrade stages that'S what it looks like and i think it's kinda like an "aura" to boost hero stats in your base something like that at least that'S what totems are for in most game ^^ (yes to me they look like "totems"

  7. Probably diferent kinds of bomb traps and hero traps or maybe when enemies get into a range of it it unloads Heros you put in it and so on and so on

  8. Sneak Peeks Cause Double Uploads :D// What do you think about this new feature?//20 Likes??

  9. first

  10. first