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Castle Clash New Update Sneak Peeks! | Hero Trial Sweeps, Lava 4 and more!

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  1. 4 bottom looks like the basic warrior troop

  2. aviar is already there its the owl

  3. If you have that many eggs, you must not hatch them because it's not easy to stack eggs. I get around 4 a day and there is never a time where I have 10+ eggs to hatch.

  4. Thanks for information

  5. they are adding 3rd 4th and 5 th evolution soon

  6. hi

  7. Can you buy me the minotaur pack lol

  8. Also, I know i messed up when I thought the team dungeon symbol was a raid symbol lol i explain it towards the end of the video 🙂 the realization of my mistake happened at 9:40

  9. Whats your opinion on this new sneak peek? More videos as more information is released.