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Castle Clash Sneak Peak New Hero ???

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  1. you know what, my feeling is the combination of IOS with Android, just saying…

  2. Nice video Terry , thanks for the support you give me! (:

  3. hey sandseven7 is back guys

  4. Fortress feud is more often, u get to do it twice as much and you have twice the fun as usual

  5. this will be the 1st hero that u can use 2x in a fight

  6. I Saw a shards hero a long time Ago..look almost like trentarue sorry my spelling :)

  7. its fortress fued 2 times a month

  8. Fortress will be 2x per month

  9. PD as a purchasable hero

  10. No TerryZ. It's actually FF twice a month instead of once a month.

  11. Sounds like troop talents. Everyone asked for that

  12. Shard hero probably

  13. There problem making a beast tamer like hero

  14. maybe a new guild event

  15. Fortress feud will be TWICE a month

  16. me 31-07 -.-

  17. Shard hero

  18. there is a new world event for all platforms its on igg forums