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Castle Clash Sneak Peek Hero Totems! Details!

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  1. Tesla(coc)

  2. So this is bascilly a hidden tesla

  3. Is hero trading system gonna come plz reply aevatrex i am big fan

  4. what about heros like pd, skull knight, and cupid.

  5. I don't like it I love it I hope the feed back I grate

  6. Place guardians to trigger totems in GW/raid/etc (Can't in expeditions)

  7. sigh…another feature that's beneficial for p2p people mostly for obvious reasons. oh well, cant say i'm not used to that :)

  8. music name plz

  9. music name plz

  10. i hope i get pd

  11. What if u hv a totem lvl10 and a minotaur 10/10 it will be insane

  12. GUYS!! I just wanna tell you that today I left the game … My might was 86000 I was king … But I consumed my all heroes to one green hero! I had I lot of strong purple Heroes! But guys I just wanna tell you that this game has no end! And it needs money and blah … Like wtf every month you gotta pay 100$ just to roll for a new hero! This game is like cigarettes we are addicted to it … It's taking our money! Like seriously… If you wanna follow the right decision "leave the game" Bcuz it has no end! And new heroes will come and you gotta pay money just to roll for them! … Anyway guys think about it … And good luck with that … And thank you aevatrex you're my number one, u helped me a lot with the game … But it's time to leave! PEACE

  13. music name plz?

  14. I'm very curious how will Siren proc work here, how will her direction act on it.
    Also, how CD goes on it? Will Harpy keep procing with enemies in range? And what about multiple same heroes? Can you imagine Aries in every single totem?!
    Anyway, I smell a nice HBM progress :D

  15. music name at backround?

  16. #BrutalDidItFirst

  17. so… if you have multiple pds in a row and something walk through your heros would be unstoppable?

  18. Put it in the middle of your base with a high skill Pixie (goodbye buffs). Duke in raids will suffer then x)

    Definitely looking for it. Hope it wont be a TH level 20+ thing only.

  19. Hey Aevatrex just uploaded my first cc video and was hoping u could check it out

  20. I have th18, would I be able to get totem?

  21. #mino

  22. Why does iGG making us a test on there new subject'? like for example Guild Wars LB LR and HBM'?

  23. #vlad #mino #SANTA #aries

  24. Since it is all evolved heroes, probally has to do something with them

  25. it should atless give a 2 second warning so the person attk can have a chance to counter attack cause its to op

  26. Santa boom

  27. qqun peut m expliquer en francais svp

  28. I don't get it……….

  29. Aev, are you going to annouce the give aways any time soon? Been like a week+ already.

  30. Aeva do a F2P series

  31. #mino

  32. sounds great for me :D

  33. gJI

  34. is he going to proc once ? if it's not imagine mino 🙂

    if it's 1 proc imagine Aries or pd :)

  35. that's sucks now no defense base will work in guild wars

  36. #mino