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Castle Clash-Sneak Peek New Hero Medusa (Will She Be Good???)

  1. Is a gem only hero . Is out for few hours on the Taiwanese server and i got him . :)

  2. if they are going to keep adding hero's they need to add more space in the altar. maybe make some older hero's shareable instead of gem only

  3. shardable 40k shards

  4. it looks awfull! so it has to be good

  5. hopefully she has a 5 second stun since the legend of Medusa turns people to stone.

  6. She'll probably have a freeze talent. they'll have to live up to that Medusa name

  7. a few weeks and ill be done with this game its getting really shit now, they brake the game with shit heroes like skull knight or dread drake or ghoulem its fucking retarded that these idiots cannot even make higher level for heroes

  8. shard

  9. earned sub ;)

  10. probably gonna be LIKE siren. meh but usable if you are desperate. also i think she may be able to paralyse x opponents for x time and come with a 69/420 slow down

  11. Let's hope she does something special, as we really dont need just another stunner

  12. Would be cool if they made her in Dark Blue instead of green 😉
    Praying that Medusa will be a great hero, a redesign of Serpent Queen :D

  13. thx the info ima save gems to get her

  14. You know i forgot when it was but cc had a draw a hero and i picked medusa but nope and didnt look alike because i gave her staff and was looking a bit with scales and older

  15. I hope she is shard hero :)

  16. she is going to be a gem roll

  17. omg she must be good

  18. yea I guess

  19. Her skill might be that she turns a hero to stone for x amount of seconds

  20. Thats why im subed to you dude you're always on top of castle clash news dude.

  21. definitely a gemable hero

  22. but gem only if it was shardable igg wouldve announced it on thier web