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Castle Clash Sneak Peek! New Hero Slots!

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  1. Maybe its for the event and you have to crack eggs to get it

  2. Maybe it means that randomly an egg could land on your heroes altar and you get a free hero slot! (think of it as a magical egg)

  3. this looks cool

  4. dungeon boss man

  5. its togepi

  6. "New hero SLOT" not slots :/

  7. +Aevatrex

  8. When I said hero breeding I meant if you get a dup hero and want to breed them for hero evolution

  9. Do H1Z1. It's a survival hunger games. Except with guns.

  10. Finaly fantasy brave exvius is an amazing game to play

  11. Endless Frontier

  12. crack of egg event. spend money for an item that opens more hero slots

  13. i think IGG will give 7th Hero Base..!

  14. Hopefully the egg means we will get that dino from hbm but the one from hbm 1 when evolved hbm 2 dino and double evolved hbm 3 dino also why does youtube say this is a video on the game Touken Ranbu what ever the fuck that is

  15. Try Evilbane: Rise of Ravens

  16. If you want a game that kills time, the Black Dsert Online – it killed CC for me, but its for PC

  17. Looks like a mewtwo egg

  18. Like someone said down below. It says new hero slot. meaning its not necessarily a more space but instead a new rarity of hero's. And it would make sense because that egg could hatch a new hero. Because when you think about it the dino in hbm has more turns into different colors. red purple green blue pink.. so my guess is it will be a new hero grade type. maybe god hero's. or epic hero's etc.

  19. what ist with "the walking dead michonne"? :D

  20. OK I got it I mixed a lot of ideas in the comments and from the video.

  21. i think it is like an upgrade of the hero altar
    like an altar warehouse to store leveled up heroes, they won't increase your might

  22. pk with harambe maybeh. op a.f


  24. Maybe you have to walk 2,5 or 10 kilometers to hatch the egg and then a Hero comes out .

  25. I think by "New Hero Slot" not "slots" they mean adding another tab in the heroes altar which could possibly be some sort of breeding or maybe legendary hero hatching system!

  26. It a hybrid minster moltanica and Attica had sex and made a baby hybrid half fire half ice bosss

  27. Maybe you get a new egg every week and when you open it it will give you a certain amount of slots until your full.

  28. the egg is a new dragon.
    daenery targaryen got 3 eggs as a gift for her wedding with kal drogo.
    the new dragon is an earth powered one.
    igg needs more money.

  29. yes more slots for the blue heros i can roll. im so amused.

  30. you should really play dungeon boss its a role playing game just try it out

  31. wow 1 hero slot amazing

  32. a baby dragon

  33. What type of game are you looking for, here are some games from very different genre:
    Until Dawn
    The Last Of Us
    League of Legends
    Ratchet and Clank

  34. Okay… First lets point out how HUGE that egg is if its that big compared to the hero altar which is big enough to hold 70 Dragons…. so clearly thats where the "New Slots" come from….

  35. 300k might will become reachable.

  36. Egg crack event?

  37. we will all get new hero for free

  38. It might be an Easter egg like you get it to get new slots

  39. Dinorider