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Castle Clash Sneak Peek! Pets Are coming!

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  1. looking for more warehouse space and a better rolling system! yea just waiting

  2. I agree a ton Aevatrex! Changing crests and artifacts is extremely annoying but usually very necessary!

  3. hopefully we don't have to roll them.cause then it would suck for f2p

  4. myb it will be the same like putting artefacts on heroes

  5. Igg is messing the game up. For starters. This is suppose to be a war game like heros bot cute freaken pets with hearts n crap .second of all igg is way too greedy like omg thats why top players are now not buying shiz from them . So igg stop making lil tiny cute shiz and start being adults lil niggs

  6. I agree Aev, never really thought of Grimfiend as the type to have a pet goldfish..

  7. ? da devil

  8. Это новые юниты в битве замков ! до этого дракончика показывали , а он юнит значит будут новые юниты . это чисто мое предположение. translate in English

  9. I hope the pets don't look cartoonish and gives the hero certain abilities besides stats boost.

  10. this looks retarded what the hell

  11. background music?

  12. Ok that's just too much now igg….

  13. These are all just rumors the only thing we really know is cc official Facebook with pictures and the caption pets are coming. I just hope these pets do not look like this. Such horrible art work. This is why I love this game so much the awesome artwork.

  14. igg sux just like….

  15. yay another reason for f2p to hate this game
    why am i not surprised this will most likely be a p2p only

  16. I think I'm finally done…

  17. I think it's shards gems or events

  18. i hope this is a good update to make me get back into the game if not….then aevatrex would u like to giveaway a 90k might account? lol

  19. Lol, im stoked.

  20. what is this Wtf !!!!

  21. no. igg why.

  22. WTF IGG?? Seriously is this still a game?

  23. why pets? The biggest spenders are not kids so why aim this update on them?

  24. intro song pls

  25. I love this I don't no what those other guys are talking about

  26. I am hoping it is just like BT, most action RPG's have hero pets it adds a new layer to an already fun game.

  27. I thought blue panda said they were dragons…..

  28. i hop they don't bring this cartoon shit on CC

  29. I like this video, but am not liking this "Pet" for every hero….. >_>

  30. name of song on the background?

  31. Horrible idea…

  32. have a clan im high level

  33. The music name….

  34. imma give sk the cutest one

  35. Oh great another event to spend money, we all know this gonna be p2p event

  36. Guys chill, it's a nice addition. I like it if it brings more complexity to the game for more variation and strategy.

  37. why are you f2p noons complaining?


  38. looks gay

  39. Wtf? I smell money money :/

  40. And it isnt 1. april?!!! Fuck

  41. All these people hating on the update and barely know any details. Wait for more info to make your judgement…

  42. That moment when IGG runs out of ideas. This is total SHIT

  43. Pokémon

  44. this might just make me quit it was getting ridiculous anyway, new hero every month fame hard to come by but we shall see I'll give it a chance

  45. im cool so i dont really care about the update

  46. That destroys the complete game

  47. se eles criar o heroi tipo a kimera vai fica bom