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Castle Clash-Sneak Peek: Totem Update Info and Discussion

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  1. It is for evolve heroes ?!?

  2. Hey Galaxus! Love your videos! Keep it up bro! :)

  3. You sure we can place multiple of the same heroes on it? If so, just imagine Aries in every single totem… Way too sick imho.
    Also, how Cooldowns will work on it? Will Harpy keep procing on it?
    And what about Talents? Will WarGod boost the power of proc? And then, what about inscriptions?
    I love the smell of HBM progress anyway x)

  4. so excited for the update it will help me pust higher in hbm

  5. great video as always galaxus. amazing content

  6. people are saying this is so op and I'm there thinking how hards is AJ gonna be if we need that to help us

  7. hmm…cool. So does it have sort of like garrisons but a bit different?