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Castle Clash Update Preview/Sneak Peek: Fortress Feud!

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  1. yeah you right .. once a month?.. that doesn't sounds right

  2. 20th !!

  3. I'm guessing it's once per month because it will reward every currency in the game. From hb, shards, gems, merit, and fame.

  4. on the preview a few months back there seemed to be a gem mine soo

  5. speak very little english

  6. Hi Whic Is The Miniun For Enter To Pandatrex My Account Have 153k De Might.

  7. ill be happy if the players with 0 points don't get shit. And as far as rewards I think shards, gems, and fame would be pretty cool thanks for sharing this Aev.

  8. Garbage rewards, if they want people to participate in this event they should make the rewards fame and shards. This event only happens 1 time a month, gems would also be a better reward.

  9. aevatrex wow around 1,200 subs more and you'll beat sandseven7s amount of subscribers

  10. Can't wait!!

  11. The reward that goes to winning guild should be 2,500 gems for each participating player and maybe throw in 2,500 fame. The way you could make this fair reward wise is your guild would have to either have a certain might level or have to sign up for the event before time is up with a certain amount of guild credits.

  12. new game mode sounds interesting, but the rewards are lame…wtf is wrong with IGG decision makers, they must be doped up by that cali bud. Seriously, move IGG Headquarters out of cali!

  13. Like the idea of the rewards being shards and fame, which seem pretty unique since torch battle and guild wars give out one of the two already.

  14. maybe fortress feud will give crazy rewards

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