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Castle Clash Update Sneak Peek! Pets, Trixie Treat and more!

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  1. when is the update?

  2. the exchange idea is 200 of that heros parts so you can collect them and get that hero and that exchange thing is in our new update

  3. Whats the secret code?

  4. Change color walls
    lvl 11 , 12 ,13 ,14 ,15

  5. Thank you for explaining!

  6. Should I be thrilled?


  8. Lol this game sucks IGG ruined it I consumed all my heroes and quit it is just a broken game

  9. #giveaway

  10. C

  11. whats the first song he put when he started the vid?

  12. did any one noticed the 0/200 in every hero at the bio? that must be hero shards etc and at 200/200 you can exchange them for the hero, cc was one if not the only game from igg that didnt had that future now cc will get it nice

  13. nice stream ave!

  14. pumpkin duke 2 champions

  15. that luck tho… will you roll on my account when the update hits?

  16. when is the update

  17. if this is a real update ist sick

  18. nice MS paint overlay

  19. Triple legend was 2 champs and a pd… So sad

  20. awesome

  21. pd champion champion

  22. where that pimp secret code

  23. hi from FRANCE

  24. well I missed the live stream but I still watched it and I have to say the new hero going to leave pumpkin duke behind in popularity and going to be huge boon against every fight and pets are also awesome I am new player and I only have one legendary I will minds if someone can help me get another or two legendaryplease help this newbie

  25. Do you want a free Intro? :)

  26. Great video, thanks!

  27. BluePandas stream was much better

  28. thx for video

  29. This update is awesome!!

  30. pd champion and another champion

  31. This code has reached it's redemption limit!? This just showed up on my Facebook Feed.

  32. trixie say holéééé ha looks coool

  33. bubblows heals will be so annoying in gw defense now LMAO

  34. Sucks I was asleep for the live stream. That's what I get for working 50+ hours a week and have Dialysis 3 days for 4 hours a week.

  35. when will the update be released

  36. How can I get a test account

  37. when is the update for us

  38. champion,champion and a pumkinduke

  39. lol so this nerd spent a massive amount of cash, moral of the story: dont buy for trishie