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Castle Clash Update Sneak Peek Stream tomorrow! Lost Battlefield Runs!

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  1. how does the code thing work?

  2. what time is for Serbia

  3. Nice ! cant wait. 8:00 PM Friday, Eastern Time (ET) is
    3:00 AM Saturday in Greece-Cyprus.

  4. avetrax what time is going to be the strem in U.S.

  5. Where do you put the codes to gain the rewards?? just to be ready…

  6. Thx for the info Aev

  7. it's sad people like aevatrex doing cheap stuff to get more views didn't expect this from you C.L.I.C.K B-A-I-T

  8. Warning !!! CLICK BAIT EVERYONE !!! lol Nice video aev

  9. click bait title and thumbnail :/ no info about update …

  10. Where are you streaming ? Twich or ?

  11. this vid smells like clickbait…title should be something like lost battlefield gameplay…

  12. what time uk

  13. Philippines? What is the exact time of the streaming?

  14. For all Indian Live stream will be on 5:30 AM (IST), Saturday :)

  15. Sweet vid bro, clickbait title with no real information, should have just labeled it battlefield runs but you just want to waste people's time. Android users… smh

  16. where can we redeem the codes? ?

  17. ازا فيه عرب حدا يقلي شوةعم يقول plz

  18. Aevatrex, there is four events for demogorgon. I hope to be in your stream for the first time! 🙂 Do you stream on YouTube or Twitch?

  19. its start already ?

  20. can you tell me time for balkan,europe also that means one code can use more players ?

  21. Are the codes for IOS and Android or only for Android?

  22. الستريم راح يكون غداً الساعة 3:00 الفجر بتوقيت السعودية

  23. This time is 20.00 European time?

  24. its a 20:00 time Poland ?

  25. Anyone interested in an iOS guild should come join Swanky_Heroes. Anyone with a little bit of experience can join!