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Champion to Legend in 1 Day – Clash of Clans

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  1. u dont have a social life ahahahah

  2. i am vinay from a clan roll no. 29 can u join us for 5 mins and donate troops plz

  3. brandon how can i talk to u

  4. tu eh pika das galaxia msm kk

  5. now push to 6000 plz

  6. fuck

  7. Wow that's insane Brandon! Good job, I wouldn't be able to do that lol.

  8. How much gems do you spend i the push? my guess 31,000+

  9. wow, you are a fucking beast :O

  10. I'm pushing like a year already. to champ to titan. lol

  11. This was pretty cool to watch. I enjoy watching your attacks. Congratulations on you're new legends league status!

  12. Min6:00 brandon attacks my

  13. i have a new attack strategy i call it GoVaw
    GOlems+Valkries+Wizards gets me a e star every attack

  14. cadê os br?

  15. 555 Likes e 5 Deslike kkkkk

  16. How much Gems did you use ?! ;)

  17. You're the best #BandonWins

  18. i 3 stared a th6 with barch and his base was maxed

  19. how can you do it!!!!

  20. i saw u at champion 1 at night and went for sleep but In the morning i saw u at legend 😀 #crazy brandon

  21. what's with mystic7's intro music playing in the background??

  22. brandon go the record cups top 10 global

  23. eres el mejor brandon ???

  24. Lol, only Brandon is able to hop from league to league like Legends with ease.

  25. Lol, that title is a little misleading, it should be from Titan 3 to Legends, Champions is technically 3200 trophies.

  26. Nice job!!!?

  27. yaaaazsaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA*!*****!!!!!!-!

  28. he has spent around 30.000 gems damn

  29. You spent 35k Gems:D

  30. bruh it takes me more than a day to push from gold to crystal…. let me go kill myself now

  31. Brandom is a robot #true

  32. Brandon! I have an idea for a New series! U could start a major push on the beginning of next season where by u try to Hit the 6000 cups mark as first Person in the World. That'd be really really awesome ans im sure that im Not the only one of ur subs Who'd love that ❤

  33. good job man! brandon have u ever thought of making a serie like road to top 200 global or even higher? meow hype

  34. Thumbnails looking good man! :)

  35. :D

  36. Getting to legends with GoBarch


  37. Good job Brandon! Meow

  38. oh my god Brandon you are the master of the push!! I can't believe you achieved this!!! congrats!!! It's crazy to think you made it in one day since you had a hole series when you push to legend the first time lol! you rock!!!

  39. Wow legend!!

  40. Brandon your to good at coc and you are awesome you should do 0 to 5000 lol

  41. como o brandon fez varios ataques em 1 hora se demora mais de 2 horas pra achar uma villa ??

  42. wow

  43. You 've come to our clan name of our climate , we still expect Limon

  44. no life kk asians

  45. Go to sleep ? (Take Like)

  46. You're so fucking addicted to this game! 😀 <3