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Channel Update & Whats Going On! | Clash of Clans

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  1. Butterfingers lol

  2. Just curious Matty, what is the specs of your gaming PC?

  3. Play :)

  4. Ark?

  5. Good to have you back. Looking forward to new content

  6. but mostly CoC

  7. play overwatch!

  8. You used to be my favorite coc youtuber, I really hope that you keep up your word and upload frequently at least regular war recaps, specially that you are now in the best fp clan so possibly have the best coc content in the fairplay scene at least, good luck!

  9. Nice too see u back matty.. – massive fan from sussex

  10. All these salty bitches in the comment section are making me laugh.
    "OH YOU KNOW THE TRAP SPOTS", really? An Internet base is a great way to get your traps found.
    "OH THEY 3'D LIKE ALL OF US", most weren't fresh attacks.
    Good lord, move on, and face the facts.

  11. you guys complaining should get some good anti 3* bases if you dont want to get destroyed that easily ?

  12. So does PwC mod? That's what everybody is saying here…

  13. Had you been playing clash royale more you'd probably be 200k subs already.

  14. nice you're back matty :)

  15. I have a 2 TB NAS in Raid 0.

    Basically, it's 'Network Attached Storage' connected to my home 24/7 and it's backed with a redundant copy.

    Basically, 'drop proof' because the storage is not in the computer (Zoolander).

  16. me please answer, which the grace of use x mod? I doubt what comes some of you here in the clan and do the same there.

  17. All I see is salty spanish kids in the comments did you guys fuck them up in war or what

  18. Ptistas safados

  19. R u stupid clumsy

  20. noob your garbage shit is paid fodao but not able to play without xmod hopefully lead ban

  21. only x mod can give 100% clan of children, attacks on race

  22. only x mod can give 100% clan of children, attacks on race

  23. I bet if you guys n wear xmod anyone with you four until the stem comes in the ability to see if u are this ae men

  24. Kid bengala mando um oi para vocês gringos fdps

  25. Xmod fuckers!!!! Go put a dick in your asses