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  12. stupid he done a lot of troops idiot´╗┐

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  14. LOL I was doing that and I had no idea it was bannable´╗┐

  15. #Banned they should just Take 400 Lvls Away from them´╗┐

  16. This was already common sence in our classroom like 2 years ago. I expected something new :(´╗┐

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  33. #tonysucks levels dont even matter when you get over 100+ levels´╗┐

  34. Super cell change my name!! A stupid name too!´╗┐

  35. Its an awesome video dude! Im new and i already love you!!! Awesome videos! ?´╗┐

  36. Supercell should make some cpu based bases for all the legend league players´╗┐

  37. yo smarties tony tricked u a bit when he said " all u have to do is put a wiz and that's all" well the smarter thing to do is put a hero ?????? duuhh didn't y'all realized how he emphasized on the wiz… He did that so u can loose loot lol #smartgeneraltony ??????´╗┐

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  39. there are two things first of all if they are gaining xp by attacking then there is no reason behind to ban them…. but on the other side if they are not doing attacks on their own rather taking/using help third party software they should definitely be banned… DONT KNOW #TONY SUCKS….#BAN……. #fucked up´╗┐

  40. its game mistake and game let them to do it should report the developer of game for that glitch peace out´╗┐

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