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Checking in With the War Community

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  1. Thanks Ash for doing what you can to help the game and the community! Im looking foward for the sneak peek videos! ?

  2. Hey man.. I appreciate you talking to supercell directly about modding… But don't tell the community you are going to share SC plan for it and then just say it's a big priority… Every YouTuber has already told us it is a big priority for them… And they can yell that at us all they want but the war community will not believe them until something is done about it

  3. Great to hear this. Thanks for the news and que sera sera with the next update so won't hold it to you.

  4. Supercell lies!

  5. yeah one hive (jake) posted a video about how they refused to war a well known modding clan. The attacks on their bases they showed didn't look like modding, but it was 74 out of 75, against quite a few th10s and a few th11.s

  6. take care ash

  7. Tim… please voice the war community concerns about the Healer nerf that is rumored. A nerf to Aq walks will send a lot of us hard core war guys packing. Aq walks are a critical part of hybrid attacks and 3 star strategy, especially as th10. Jonas stated at Clash Con tha they want to promote these hybrid attacks, and since then supercell has has seemed to go in the opposite direction. Th11 and the garden warden is all about mass troop attacks that overwhelm a base rather than strategically taking apart a base. Thanks for all you do

  8. I'm a th9 and the game is amazing when you play longer

  9. I love your videos Ash, but this video let me down. You said they are working on modding. Wouldn't SuperCell want the community to know when modding will be fixed? There has been modding since the advent of clan wars, and Supercell has done nothing about it for a year and a half NOTHING. They say they are working on it? BS. Thats a really fricken vague answer Ash. When will it be done? SC does not say because they probably even haven't started. You rambled for 11 minutes without really saying anything. I really do love most of your content Ash. But why is SC so counterintuitive? They are destroying the game without giving definitive answers on any of our questions. They put out some vague statement, but no real concrete answers. What is wrong with SC? Do they not realize their entire community is angered? They should release what they are working on so that the community could give feedback. We do not care about a surprise at this point. Next time you visit, tell SC we do not care about being surprised. Tell them to give the community what they are working on so we as a whole can give them feedback and make the game better for everyone. Thank you.

  10. I wish I was in the list :(

  11. Thanks to modding, hibryd attacks exists, i would like that clach of cans had something to practice war attacks, but it hasn´t, and having only 2 attacks for war it´s nothing if you want to become good ata war attacking….

  12. Thanks so much for the recognition! Not necessary, but always appreciate. Thanks for the vid, and safe flight home my friend!

  13. Thanks Ash for passing this along, but we really need to hear something from SC. They really leave us in the dark on everything.

  14. It's been over 18 months since I've been aware of modding orbotfarming. There hasn't been any drastic steps taken to deter or even punish CLEARLY offending players. Whatever, Supercell. I'll see it when I believe it.

  15. Back at it again with the good video

  16. Nice video as always Ash! Lots of good Tips For your subscribers. <3
    Also bringing modding to the dev's is a great part about you. Means you love the community and help us as players too!

    Also I was wondering If you could help my channel out? Maybe collaborate with you and other youtubers? Hope you think about it haha Its been a dream to do youtube :)

  17. Ash u are my favorite clash youtuber, and I'm really greatful that u have so many videos on war because not too many you tubers do. Keep up the great videos! :)

  18. Heard my name ???, Onehive recap coming out tomorrow on the channel! Thanks ash!

  19. Good stuff

  20. u jus rambling, u gave us nothing in this video

  21. I really love your interview series and especially bringing attention to smaller but notable youtubers! I am a fan of all that, too!! You are the best

  22. You made an 11 minute video out of we will address modding -_- not in the next update not soon just it will be addressed. You are the best rambler, a gold star to you sir! ;)

  23. You're a good dude Ash. Very genuine and honest, appreciate all the videos and that you bring up modding to the devs. Gonna try to be like you and remain positive. Keep it up ?

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    sorry for the spam but I thought you might be interested!!

  25. THANKS again for your approach: promoting other youtubers, asking our questions (esp about promoting fairplay), sharing our live for the game and our thanks to the developers. Glad you you're representing all sides of our community. And yes, your Beyond the Mic video was brilliant!

  26. Jake and PowerBang cant be the voice of the war community, no offence but th9 is lame and the real war is in th11.

  27. Thanks again Tim! I am a subscriber for life! Your videos are a highlight of my day I hope you know you are in my prayers and hope that your health gets better because you do so much for the clash community! Thanks so much for all you do! God bless you and your family!

  28. Waiting for this since last night! Thanks again!

  29. Are you asking about how Smexy you are?

  30. Waiting all day to know about the .5s , but oh well, thats okay


  32. Fourth

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  35. Hey Ash Beau Rossbach from the clan: 3 Star Storm here! thanks for the favorite on our tweet, great to know you're looking out for the war community!