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Chief of Clans – Episode #4: Gems? GEMS! (Funny Animation)

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  1. Hey, if you arrent in a clan, u should join mine and my friends clan:
    Bad Intentions, we donate as mutch as possible but we are running low on
    members (Clash Royale)

  2. More…more….more….i want more

  3. What. I was expecting this in 2017

  4. Love the series. Wish they would come out closer together. I all but forget what the last episode was about every time.

  5. I give this video a L

  6. I know it takes a long time to animate these but I wish they came out more often! They're so good

  7. This is for 5 year olds

  8. Gems are truly truly outrageous .

  9. Dammit Matt!

  10. Where is the ending song from?

  11. Гадам

  12. أول عربي ?

  13. Lol…"Boo Hoo…This is slave labor"…Hahahaha

  14. Absolutely Hilarious!!…Love it Chief Pat!!

  15. Keep doing this

  16. Hahaha I love this series! Keep up the good work pat!

  17. Hahaha i love this. and its so funny when they say "unions" and when pat saide "oww boohoo" haha LOL i love it.. Can't wait for EP 5 ????? funny vid.

  18. "How come you guys dont upgrade this fast" everyone question on why theyre slow

  19. why show about 10 builders when we could only have 5

  20. 2000 like!

  21. this is so stupid ???

  22. Cringe? CRINGE?

  23. u should do more

  24. This is So shit

  25. I won't buy any flags next time.