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Chief of Clans – Episode #5: 87 GOBLINS?!?

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  1. Chief pat I think it would be great if you start acting smart in the video cause you keep making the video like your a noob make it look like your a pro turn over soon pls

  2. lol

  3. Nice video. I want more.

  4. Yey

  5. 2:16 Walking animation 10/10

  6. ohh dude u should have gone in a good req& leave or a good clan

  7. Last one was funnier

  8. Best Video Love it

  9. Patrick the ending wasnt cool

  10. Method in his madness. People don't always give you what you want, then it's annoying for the clan when someone needs an important troop for war. Haha, good work mate!

  11. What?!?

  12. Yea this wasn't good..yr character dosnt suit u

  13. 97 GOBLINS LOL

  14. please subtitles

  15. how did 87 goblins fit in cc

  16. How do you reset clash Royale? Without it asking to use your game center account every time you go into the app..

  17. Wtf pat

  18. we gotta pay for the next episode??!?!

  19. clash royal!!!

  20. is was dumb animation sucks and the crying sucks honestly u can do better

  21. Awww that was all sad at the end ?

  22. Dat crying sound though…

  23. i donot have a baby dragon.what can i replace it for

  24. Chief Pat I think your character design doesn't suit you…

  25. Só eu de BR vendo?

  26. thanks for the cancer many next time I can get diabetes

  27. That crying is on point

  28. so funny

  29. LOL

  30. So true

  31. I can't believe this, this is so interesting I thought it was going to be stupid

  32. Keep this comment at the number of goblins!

  33. How about a hundred ball sacks?

  34. Chief Pat clothes in the animation – before Record this video i was discoverin america,killin Sea monsters and chasin indians

  35. Yes I love this

  36. número de escriçoea do capeta 666

  37. ??

  38. clash Royale glitch free money on my channel

  39. Keep this comment in an even amount of likes

  40. ✌out

  41. Haha pat

  42. Pat i can loan you 4.99 to speed up time to get the next episode

  43. #relatable

  44. Greetings from Clashheads (T7)! We are currently recruiting clashers who are th9+ with decent war stars and get 3 stars almost every time. To join get the line app and add Firasico to talk to him about joining. Hope to see some of you guys soon and Gl.

  45. This video disturbing me

  46. Like ur vids and ur clay royale replays chief pat. I saw one of ur attacks 2 hours ago. Well played

  47. If anyone wants a clan in clash of clans or clash royale, join Sweg1famalam. Anyone can join on clash royale. On clash of clans we need th7+ for war.

  48. Damn all those goblins are stoned

  49. Poor Chief pat