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Clan Nova Termina Sneak Peek | Stick nodes

  1. I no get ur stick

  2. great animation

  3. search gomar animations

  4. I Gomar Animaitions challenge u to a rhg

  5. Way better than your last one! :D

  6. Mind if you send me your character's sword

  7. remember to make ur part of our rhg soon jirito-senpai

  8. Hey Jiroto? What did you use to make your channel art? 😀 please tell me I need to do something like that :D

  9. cool

  10. i finished the tryout check it out btw check the desc

  11. Whos those alien guys

  12. im join caln nova

  13. Awww i wanna join clan nova

  14. Cool imcant wait

  15. brugh where am i

  16. We started Sticknodes at the same time. Though, you rose above me and became the Sticknodes Pewdipie

  17. If you have face book, some pictures from this collab are posted here:

  18. How put that title? It's in Spanish…

  19. Can you send me demon jirito just like how you did it with DASH blur

  20. Wowzers looks good so far keep up the good work

  21. Amazing!

  22. awsome i wanna join XD

  23. That's awesome Jirito!

  24. Damn nice m8

  25. This is awsome I'm uploading a vid with me and you fighting

  26. Hai? =D