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Clan War #68 OneHive Genesis vs Oregon War Clan

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  1. SuperCell has amazing timing with the replay wipes. I was able to grab mine before the maintenance break:

  2. Hey this is Bubba from Oregon War Clan. Congrats on the win! You guys showed us some very impressive attacks! Appreciate you shouting us out. Goodluck in future wars. Clash on!

  3. I think some of the comments about golaloon being the only consistent way to 3 star at th10 may be a bit premature. Let's see how the meta develops. The goho attack u showed was promising, but I've been working with aq healer gogiwiwi with some 3 stars. Just like any other 3 star strat at ten, it isn't consistent in the fair play community. I'm looking forward to seeing how the meta develops. Th10 is going to be the new th9 as far as game balance is concerned.

  4. sucks that most of the replays got wiped. it was still nice to see some of the attacks

  5. Was a Great War! Y'all are a great team and have great attacking strategy! Although we were a bit outmatched it is great to see a clan who is not using X mods and can win fair in square?. Great War!! … -(Luke)-2