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Clan War # 69 OneHive Genesis vs Academia Tronos

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  1. I attacked that last th8 base you showed and I wrecked it didn't use cc or a heal

  2. Awwww B, showing that sloppy attack :P. Damn queen got fixated on that minion instead of the king, but the minion took out the mortar and forced the queen into the base instead of walking (lucky?). But yea, I knew the CC increments were 20 and 30, so I figured it would be safe to assume the king would pop the cc and the queen/poison spells would do. 3rd haste spell was ugly :S.

  3. 8:11 They could've know where the DGB was, this is in fact a youtube base. Nice video though!

  4. I'm loving these videos. I think mainly because I learn from them and get better. What level queen do you need to queen walk?