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Clan War #87 OneHive Genesis vs )))Blood(((

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  1. Pls do a queen walk guide pls pls pls

  2. how you said the last attack was low level heroes I use a lvl 6 queen and 10 king to queen walk in multiplayer but I guess your uses to seeing them 30/30 heroes in elite th9

  3. QnA Do You Think You Will Ever Stop Playing CoC?

  4. nice attacks 🙂
    Q&A question: Do you think that Supercell should add some clan levels ? to add some competitivity because right now many clans are lvl 10 it doesn't really mean something anymore to me. (srry if bad english)

  5. +OneHive Gazette Hey, greetings from >>>Blood<<<! Was an amazing war, you completely wrecked us at the town hall 9 level, especially in the first few hours of the war, I think you had like six or seven fresh hit three stars in a row, so great job!
    Maybe we will meet again someday, keep up the great work. :)

  6. Nice recap!