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Clash Mailbag – Lower Town Hall Additions?

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  1. Pat tell them to nerf the healers more or don't because I keep getting attacked by people that use a bunch of them with there queen because they don't know how to actually raid fairly ?

  2. They need to make a new elixir and dark elixir troop. Farming was dead but after recent maintenance break I'm finding dead bases.

  3. What's his twitch??

  4. #AskPat why do you think SC didn't release clash royale for android right away like they did with IOS?

  5. How's this for an idea: You should be able to use hero's with whatever amount of health they've regenerated.

  6. Hey Pat, do you think they will have another name change to the game?

  7. do you like clash royale more or clash of clans

  8. suggestion for SC for next upgrade. builder boost

  9. hashtag ask pat can you join my clan

  10. What recording system do you use? I'm having trouble finding a good one for ipad/iphone.

  11. #AskPat Do you now why SC only put clash royale on IOS devices?

  12. I'm left handed

  13. #askpat what do you think about lowering your th? Could help people that have rushed and want to go back and recover. probably won't happen but it sounds cool.

  14. ID: "QOJRUPCL" Level 2 clan, "AspinForce" looking for active war members. Level 40+ and preferably 100 war stars+ may join. If you want a safe home then we will not let you down. Recruiting non rushed bases. All ages, all ethnicties, English speaking. Please check us out. Thank you.

  15. #AskPat What happened to Smashland? Is Supercell still working on it or was it replaced by Clash Royale?

  16. #AskPat do you think we will be able to upgrade level 7 walls with elixer again?

  17. at 1:23 chief pat was attacking a th9 poor th 9 pat is such a bully.

  18. what do you think about the idea to be able to donate some of the loot in your cc to ur clan members

  19. really patrick. my space ?????

  20. Hi I made a clan and I need players if interested the tag is #8GGPVRQ

  21. I know the whole loot thing is bad for some players, but being a level 131, th11, I get loot super easy in champions 3/masters 1. Plus a million of each in war. I rarely get attacked and only lose about 200k each and 1.5k dark. I was able to upgrade all the Wizards towers to level 9 with no gems at all. This update has actually helped me get more loot for some reason.

  22. #AskPat when will they release clash royals internationally

  23. I'm left handed

  24. #askpat Do You Like Clash Royale or CoC Which one you like the most