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Clash of Clans ♤♤ Getting baby dragons? ♤♤Ep#1

  1. i have the babydragon :D

  2. Can I join your clan?

  3. Hey Great video, I liked and subbed! Could you drop a sub on my channel? I am currently doing a Shoutout series where people can gain active subscribers.Maybe you could win next week :)

  4. you need thumbnails ! here this is a website what you can make them ( ) that is what i use for most of my thumbnails 🙂 i reccomend you taking the 2nd canvas

  5. Fr

  6. There still many people playing this game

  7. I liked that

  8. Nice! I think you should do more clash of clans.

  9. Aye when u said "am dropin my bk" I thought you were gonna drop your burger for burger king?

  10. More clash of clans

  11. Yas dud get baby dagon 4 me

  12. First 🙂 Actuall, I'm 5th lol.

  13. also I bet your pretty salty almost the entire video lol

  14. clash of clans is dead I play it once a week and nice go for the baby dragons!

  15. a barbarian and archer strategy isn't to effective try a balloon strategy with wizards and giants to tank the wizards

  16. nice the baby dragons are sick and i liked

  17. aye first