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Clash of Clans ♦ 1 Bowler vs. a Town Hall! ♦

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  1. Join my clan AwakeningFarms, clan tag:#P0YLUY88, we have nearly maxed town hall 11.

  2. Nice Vid Galadon!BTW Join My Clan Guys WaRRioRs Or #YQUR8C99

  3. FaZe Apex

  4. Thought that heroic bowler from kamcord 3 star school would be in the video, lol

  5. Galodon can you do a legitmet. sereis and i mean no gems you can only use. them boost collectors heroes and barracks but you cant use gems to finsh up a upgrade

  6. this guy had 49% on my base and i said that was close but there was a little archer that took down one building…

  7. I think they should leave the OP troops as is its so annoying to have troops nerfed and become useless

  8. its back to school again?????

  9. this channel is dying. clash royale made it garbage. #bringbackcoc

  10. please


  12. who's watching this in 2018

  13. Plz nerf valks and bowlers.

  14. is it just me or does peter 17 and gally sound the same

  15. there should be an option in the townhall to buy defenses for it like a mini hidden tesla in your townhall

  16. Hey guys!! If you are interested in clash of clans content please check out my channe!!

  17. Galadon, serious question: do you think valks will get nerf at the next update? Or its worth to upgrade them?

  18. I think we can see cannon will have 2x damage to Valkyrie

  19. Galadon what if the bowlers are smart that they will try to attack two structures per hit? Like the Valkyrie they will go between two structures?

  20. Lmao galadon got bars

  21. Of course my bowler is lv 1….

  22. Wow no respect for the gem box… Peter would be mad

  23. Your channel is dead Galadon After dat face reveal

  24. UAE Victory best clan?

  25. your saying brought tears to my eyes

  26. Finally, a COC video …

  27. Nice quote Galadon I'll tell my mom it lol

    Check out this clan!!: #YPCY22QG look at the bottom players, so many star lords, check out their bases, THE SAME BASE!

  29. Well let's talk about the queen walk now that needs to be addressed it is way to powerful if u want to talk about something talk about that but no u want to bowlers and valks the really good troops that give us players an advantage to attack the th11 bases so NO LETS NOT MESS WITH BOWLER OR VALKS let's deal with this queen walk issue

  30. "Hey galadon, I love watching your videos, especially the ones with Peter. My cousin and I did a battle in clash royale where we got all the towers down to one health, could you check it out? The clan is called "1 Health!?!"

  31. Bowlers may be shit, but they still come in clutch

  32. I play clash ROYALE currently at 2400 trophies and in the desc in your moms clan it says feel free to apply. I was wondering If I could.. It would mean the world to me!

  33. "If you have got 1 star already but you want one more as well, just bring a bowler with you because they hit as hard as hell a truck"
    ~Galadon 2016

  34. Pray for Orlando Florida

  35. @Galadon Gaming-Clash Royale and Clash of Clans Happy 3yr Anniversary of being on Youtube?

  36. Galadon can u make a video on how u can make a overlay

  37. I bet he won't reply to this comment ?

  38. If Peter was real wat would u do if he looked like asama benladin!???

  39. supercell should make a video about thr bowler like in the biginning the bowler will talk about how everyone rejected him and he was not used in attacks and then they can show this heroic bowler video and then the bowlers are started to be used
    what are your thoughts guys?

  40. #LoveForTheBowler

  41. When I was this late

    Bowler don't even exist

  42. you really are not that smart are you?. you say how overpowered the bowler is and you didn't 3 star your attacks and the only 3 star you (by someone else) there was only 1 troop left wake up to yourself this is nothing more then you trying to get the bowlers nurfed so you have something new to make a video on and advertise for supercell why they decide to do what they do your nothing more then a sellout sellout.