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Clash of Clans ♦ 6000 TROPHIES! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. ?Grab Points code goc2015 to get free gems?

  2. ?

  3. They should make the level 12 walls harm the troops attacking it

  4. she a girl

  5. What if they made it so if you reached 6k it would reset you to that instead of 5k? Idk how this would work with the huge trophy gap when looking for a base.

  6. late

  7. it's c0c

  8. Well… I guess Supercell could add another league at 6500 or so, and in order to get there, you'd have to pass Legend League within a season, everyone from 5001-6499 would be reset to 5000, and everyone above 6500 reset to 6500! 🙂
    (Royal League incoming! xD)

  9. Five thousand, six thousand, or seven thousand trophies … who really gives a shit? It's not like you aren't just attacking the same kind of maxed out base each time. There is no higher level of skill required to push higher. Something needs to change in pushing. Maybe they should make it so that we are able to play defense if we log on right away when getting attacked? Let us determine when our heroes start, point them in the direction of where to attack and use their ability on defense. I think the EA should be manual and we select where and when to shoot it. It's really the only way I can think of to make pushing harder and it would also be fun to play defense.

  10. omg the guy who did it just got to legend league

  11. Uhh almost 2 weeks late bro

  12. Who else is watching this, but doesnt play COC anymor?

  13. Pokemon Sun and Moon info leaked today

  14. BTW the first two persons hits 5000 and 6000 they are from saudi arabia

  15. I would love to trophy hunt but the loot balance is horrible 2 golems 15 20 valk cost 2 much for the return

  16. 6000 trophies was broken last season lololololol fail

  17. Come on your so late with your videos. Two weeks afterwards. Why don't you do the same with the update videos? ?

  18. MYSTLC7 posted this over a week ago??? Sorry Galadon a MASSIVE fan but you are to involved in clash Royale. you are still the man.

  19. He must live in a bubble with no immune system to play that much

  20. I think it'll be good not to rest the trophies tht them keep n keep going in to the 10,000s of trophies

  21. town hall specific leagues should be made coz i doubt there will be a TH10 in the top 50….that way all town halls can have the fun at an equal level

  22. This video was a tad late

  23. TH 12!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow a virgin hit 6,000 trophies, amazing.

  25. don't listen to all bullshit people says about coc!!!! keep the good work… :)

  26. galadon his name in arabic means salt
    he's from Saudi Arabia

  27. 6:15 there is a glitch where wizards make the animation to shoot but no damage is done, it's screwed me a couple of times, please fix this supercell.

  28. this wasn't the first person to hit 6000 trophies

  29. The should increase lava lonnion Hp damage increase

  30. The should increase lava lonnion

  31. Maybe give a player a gem for every legendary trophy. Wouldn't give out to many gems but would provide motivation to push that little bit further

  32. يجي يالعرب الاجانب ما جابوها✋?✋?✋?✌?️

    كفو يالذيب

  33. Trophy pushing is not impressive, it's just a time sync.

  34. it is ML7 KSA from kingdom of saudi arbia 2nd person also from same country Abo Raid