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Clash of Clans ♦ Bowler THREE Stars on ANTI-THREES! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. noooo I want clash royale plz :(

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha nice job galadon!!! Ha ha ha ha

  3. I need more active th9+ members in my clan?? Anyone interested?? We are Maple Nucks #8Q99UYPL .. Come join us our record is 115-25-5 We are North American Base players. Very active and need more members to join! Thanks!

  4. I would love to have the 1d cooldown not active, when the clan is not in a war.

  5. Did you do the pepper challenge already galadon???

  6. guys did u see the level 11 clan in coc

  7. Here's a troop challenge. Get a 3 star using Giants, Bowlers and Miners. Let's call it the Giant BoNer!

  8. i dont understand do friendly challenges have time limits?

  9. the name's MyNameIsJeff

  10. galadon i had a battle that was 1 crown and one crown and during over time and then we took each others towers at the same time and i lost at the end but it was a video that you made and come to my clan to see the video. my clan is BarbariaNParty™, or #RRVOPP

  11. the same layout …

  12. see my channel when i download this bowler attack 3 star in war ?
    see date my video

  13. galadon are you sure the link to send raids works? cuz I tried to email it and it said the email didn't work – might be a fault on my end so ill try again, but pls check

  14. lol after royals of war Smacked you guys around now you make a video ?

  15. i think the bowlers should stay how they are because its seems like the perfect troop to really learn and perfect to get 3 stars compared to other troops. galadon tries again and again to 3 star with this army but he just cant when others can. the others such as ibeleaf have already been practicing with the army which is why they can get 3 stars and galadon cant

  16. nice galafail

  17. Yay Galadon finally didn't gala fail

  18. That ibeleaf joke made me lol so hard

  19. What I hate: If you click the base edit and save it without any change or if you cancel (I believe) it will ban the base

  20. Does the grand warden heal it's self?

  21. galadon loves lazy spam attacks

  22. Can I join your clan

  23. Best vid ever?

  24. You never tried 8 Earthquake.

  25. That bowler is op and they need to fix

  26. hello anyone wanna make a clan with me? If so text me on kik imawesome107

  27. Galadon you said you would gem the update but forgot about the new dark spell

  28. a really touching story , you have inspired me

  29. Galadon stop using emojis MOST OF US WATCH ON A PC


  31. Nope 24 cooldown is stupid as shit. Not everyone is super competitive that will build another persons base exactly to have other people practice on it. I move something a little boom 24 hrs.

    Tell them to fix that shit. 24 hr cooldown should only be for battle day in clan.

  32. This update favs th 9 and 10s all the rest are gonna be extinct from the game

  33. Last time i saw one of ur vids was when you were at 200k

  34. join Savage Gang

  35. wow so many fails

  36. The 24h cooldown is a major pain. Accidentally move a wall while collecting loot and there goes another 24h wait

  37. The bowler should come to clash royale!