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Clash of Clans ♦ Bowlers X 30 ♦ OVERPOWERED!

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  1. 6:32 i thought the moral of the story are "Never gives up on your stratergies that always failing,keep trying" well i guess not then =,=

  2. Wish I had those bowlers ;_;

  3. Noshit he had no CC troops and his cannons weren't maxed

  4. ?

  5. Nice!

  6. They should not nerd any troops. Instead, they should makes defenses better

  7. Galadon, how can you say bowlers are OP when you play Royale more than clash for 1, 2 it took you how many tries before you 3'd the base, and 3 they needed the buff they got got cuz they were weak and useless. like the video cuz it showed how many failed attempts to 3 star the base. you still the man. peace out and keep on clashing!!!

  8. Everyone said that th11 is white and gold, but see blue and black

  9. I love your intro video

  10. My clan is lvl 11 and we needed 2 stars to win the war because we were down 95-96 and the other clan had percentage in their favor and my friend 3 stared a max th 11 with this strat to help us win 97-96

  11. brace yourself bowler balancing update are coming! thx gayladon!

  12. You should shout out peters Chanel so he can get to 100k! Plz galadon

  13. not OP

    it took you 3 tries to get the hundy, in war you only have 1 try! so take into account perhaps your first raid only, coz that would be your result in war, the bowler seems ok, if anything they could change the proiority of the healers, moving the bowler down the ladder. then its all good, loving the new game, remember, not all bases are always easy to funnel, and bowlers need a huge funnel, more than valks, mmmmmmmmmm valks!

  14. im a new th8 and i been trying to make 50 wizards work and see if i can walk thru the base like that a failed once gonna try see wassup

  15. To be quite honest if you think something OVERPOWERED is that stupid queen walk that is over powered so why don't you make a video about that that way super cell will deal with that issue

  16. Some times it's better to keep your mouth shut because every time you make a video and post it saying a troops is over powered super cell goes and screws with the troops so how about keeping your mouth shut

  17. Hey Galadon there is a clan nam BOQUERONES clan tag #2888COP in this clan there is 3 leaders don't know how but there is 3 leaders everyone check this clan

  18. Hey Galadon I'm TH9 should I rush to TH11 for all the new stuff

  19. Still s better love story than twilight

  20. you should have thrown the earthquake spells on eagle artillery…

  21. So im currectly geting the bowler so it will be debuffed change is 10000000%

  22. So you have 3*ed on your third try with golem in enemy CC and calling this troop OP?! People like you are responsible for staling this game… Now SC will nerf the bowlers and we will go back to your not OP and boring GoWiPe! Have some mercy on this game SMH

  23. why would u use a jump spell on the outermost wall

  24. Galadon the modder. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  25. Thx Gallydon :)

  26. I learned 3rd time is a charm

  27. you cannot lose at th11 just deploy warden wark and spam bowlers

  28. Stupid coc team, you cannot lose at th 11 and every time a "balancing" arrives another one gets OP to the point where you literally have to drop 1 spell and vomit troops and you will get an instant 80% 2 star.

  29. Very fun

  30. You need a queen walk for a funnel and a bowler walk, go to clash with ash

  31. Hello i have a great clan, if anyone wants to join its called Flames of Pekka, I defiantly recommend it :)