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  1. That was close

  2. Why cant supercell add this to their new update that is we can attack the enemies trees and bushes but the percentage will not increase but we can get gems in it???Supercell cant u add this feature??

  3. Remember when the projectiles didn't suck unlike today??

  4. Wow ! hahaha i bet all the bellum members get mad im feel sorry for them #Fullattack

  5. Why the hell didnt the guy just gem his heroes? All the efforts of the clan went to waste

  6. تفاحتين???

  7. YEEEEah!!

  8. that's why you save a wizard

  9. Lol bring a few minions

  10. We were on the other side of a war that had a similar ending, other clan was within one hammer swing in the last minutes of the war from getting three stars and winning.

  11. U think that was great?our clan Royal patialvis had a war in which we need 2 star to win n 1 by tie breaker with last 2 attacks remaining ….those 2 attacks went 49% and 99% …only if 2 extra sec were available we would have won by tie breaker or total win ??

  12. lol the other clan was named two apples

  13. Why did they change the color of comment likes to red?!

  14. Nemesis………
    Noob attack

  15. so sad they lost

  16. OOOHHHH NNNNOOOO I was biting my nails and this was recorded lol ?????

  17. soo why did u showd us that?

  18. I would have quit the game

  19. The first attack was only 2 minutes long ^^

  20. Galadon, can you review my deck??

    go to clan 1. am my nickname is rotten cheese

    I won 600+ throphys in 3days using this deck

    plz help review

  21. Why Is This The Top Comment?!

  22. If only that archer was level 7…

  23. The funny thing was they were all replays

  24. the uther clan name ( تفاحتين) ( 2aple?)

  25. is it bad i was cheering for opposing clan