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Clash of Clans ♦ Fastest WAR Three Star EVER? ♦ Bowler Trolling ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Change intro man

  2. are u doing a tourney today

  3. dio caneee

  4. I don't watch ur cr videos but I'll watch all coc videos u upload. great video keep up the gd work.

  5. 1v1 me royal

  6. Whoa! has any1 noticed that barbs have no nipples!!

  7. But this were the old bowlers,nah

  8. Sub to my channel ( I will sub back )with 9 ACTIVE account's #sub for sub………

  9. I wanna see ur live stream and win gift cards but I never win

  10. you upload video again,,,oh c'mon where are you doing iam waiting you

  11. Gallydon! Please do a Clash Royale Arena 4 pushing deck!

  12. if u wanna join my clan its called UK MASTERS only the masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Congratulations, you gave yourself the gift card.

  14. trying to keep calm…. must not fangirl… AAAAAHHH it's my baseee!! brb fangirling ??

  15. subscribe to my channel guys….cool video galadon

  16. #Galadon

  17. u lost a sub u fatso

  18. can u stop giving the people in ur clan !$ for fastest attcks because what about ever one who cant join. we get mad

  19. Last time I was this early…

    I was born.

  20. algum br

  21. GoVaHo is the best strategy in war right now! 3 stars wins right away

  22. lol

  23. Thanks for the feature galadon, the war was a lot of fun! I am also with you in Full Attack clash royale in case you remember me.

  24. More clash of clans, pleace. I'am form Venezuela. In myy contry is very difcult gem the game, but i love your videos. Plece don`t leave CoC. I enjoy very much your channel, but CoC is glory jajaja

  25. GO GALLY!!!

  26. 12th dislike :)

  27. Can you lower the trophies to 1000

  28. Under 10 minutes club

  29. awsooooom

  30. 86th to comment

  31. Last time I was this early…
    Trump only had a small loan of a million dollars

  32. thanx for a coc video, finally :))) waiting for more coc videos, maybe some bowler attacks after update, maybe now they are more usable than before

  33. Hi Galadon. I am a big fan but being curious…. what r the favours or benefits u get from supercell for doing all this?? There is always a catch….rite

  34. First

  35. anyone wanne join my clan? it's th9 or higher for clanwar you must be able to three star

  36. is Bowler good for 2 stars at 5000+ trophies?
    or 3 stars in war??

  37. #GalaFAM

  38. 30th

  39. that is epic

  40. that is epic

  41. Thanks for all the videos Galadon 🙂 Thanks to you i am a better clasher <3
    Keep doing great videos!!:)

  42. erli

  43. galladon my war base is better u r real ßæ

  44. i ❤ u old guy

  45. what game is this?

  46. great


  48. RIP COC

  49. *ME

  50. plot twist: Bowler is actually gangster who bullies Dragon, but another plot twist: Dragon is actually police