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Clash of Clans ♦ Greatest Attack EVER? ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. that last attack was beautiful. i liked it too

  2. Today is my bday!!!

  3. Galadon, everyone in the top is using same base, still they (Attackers) have much much time to plan across the bases same bases are three stared in the war can you explain it galadon?

  4. Nice gally i mis the good old clash vids

  5. lol Galadon, haven't you heard of burner accounts? We are already using burner accounts to mod and 3* bases from another clean device. This is just getting started :)

  6. galadon I finish a game in 3 sec # right land push

  7. im (not) early right ???

  8. ih??✌?️

  9. راحا بيها الكويتيين هههه

  10. hey galadon, in clash Royale what is the time of the fastest win

  11. What's about doing more war content Galadon now that we know it's fairplay ?

    It would be cool to see TH10 3 stars in war also :D

  12. Thx gallydon

  13. Q8 ? wow arabain guys is very powerful in this game

  14. May The 4th be with you

  15. Thanks supercell for reducing time for training troops❤️

  16. Just went into a war full of modders, it's not gone yet

  17. Btw imod is still running

  18. Massvalk lows dont celebrate u für triple in anti2

  19. this morning I was waiting for 1.5 hours to train an army for war. after I attacked, the update was there…

  20. Last time I was this early Call of Duty was a good game.

  21. Sou do Brasil e agora o galadon acaba de ganhar mais um inscrito!

  22. The attack he used at 6:15 was an intro in one of his vids a few weeks ago

  23. Galadon, you act as if modded attacks aren't skilful at all, which is really ignorant and stupid with all due respect. It just annoys me to see that you don't acknowledge a good attack even if it does use mods.

  24. my clan 3 stars every th9/th10 and some th11s every war, even after the FairPlay encouraging update.
    I love the fact that u dont have to be suspicious about a th10/11 3 star attack anymore

  25. Ah, best update is live. Now all we need is a Global for all the annoying Indonesians in Norsk..