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Clash of Clans ♦ I Won the War in LINGERIE ♦

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  1. at 8:15 that minion on the right is just like AHHHH GOTTA RUN SHITTTTTT!!!

  2. I'm not interested in the war. I'm interested in the lingerie

  3. There is just so much wrong with that title…

  4. Galadon you filthy clickbaiter, I thought you had lost a bet or something and had to go on camera in lingerie but NO, you were simply shopping. ? :p good vid thou

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  6. Yeah buddy, getting it in at Victoria secret!

  7. Good job galabrah xD

  8. Love clash you inspired me to start YouTube. Keep up the good work and I hope you like my content.

  9. who else saw the queen failing to jump over the wall at 1:32

  10. Good Game Indo ,, Indonesia√√√

  11. #BowlersAreBoring

  12. level 2 clan vs level 10 wow.. how can they even match?

  13. Honestly attacking with bowlers takes pretty much a troop vomit to win :(

  14. well planned attacks? bowlers? those r not the same…..

  15. lol at 1:11 did you really talk about "well planned-out bowler attacks"?

  16. This is why I unsubscribed from Clash with Cam. Boring af, Galadon makes it feel like I'm watching a real gladiator battle

  17. indo :)

  18. Laughing to death

  19. we want more, we want more. next stream in lingerie plz!!!!

  20. can you please show th9/19 attacks and not only bowlers

  21. 1:31 lol the Archer Queen

  22. damm yea now we are talking old galadon is back with clash of clans vids! Type #coc for more coc vid

  23. @ 6:24 the hidden tesla got destroyed before it can even pop up

  24. More th9 please

  25. Nice video, this is soooo heroic Galadon!

  26. This was an epic war and vid !!

  27. Hey Gala im from Germany and i like your vids but why the f*ck you upload a Video at 4 in the night

  28. # NotSponsored

  29. one of the many places you can win a war, Ligerie! join the fun today…

  30. umm that last pic was fantastically fantastic

  31. No one missed the Queen's ability. Cam ?