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Clash of Clans ♦ LEGENDARY FAILS ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Galadon will you do the push to number one


  3. We want E-Bo-la

  4. the old song was gud than this one

  5. would the cc troops come out if you lightning spell the clan castle and destroy it?

  6. good join my clan

  7. You're uploading too early :v u messing my schedule of what I watch on YouTube xD

  8. Great video btw did you tell Peter about FangMatt's base? And how it defended so nicely?

  9. 3rd attack, few moment into the raid, he lost all his witches to a giant bomb…

  10. This video made me remember of the time this channel was new

  11. i lost over hundreds of attacks

  12. i heard the old intro then resumed the video

  13. the old music was better

  14. Where did the old intro sont go? I like it more

  15. That starting Galadon?

  16. New intro?

  17. clash witch cam is goin to pass u Mighty gallydon :P

  18. I prefer the current intro

  19. Great video like always galadon!

  20. Nice tital

  21. Hey Galadon. Can you make a th9 intro. Like where to farm and good attacks to use. And what to upgrade. I just upgraded to th9 yesterday and I don't know what to do. Thank you Galadon

  22. 57th

  23. Estado islâmico mandou um recado para o Brasil.

    A menssagem diz:
    "levárovaf át oliuqnart át"

    Não intendeu?
    Leia de trás para frente.

  24. ????

  25. I've never lost

  26. I hear legends also lose to Teddy, still waiting Galadon! nice video though…

  27. Well im gonna take a shit!!,will i take a shit this comment better get 200 likes or your gonna be my shit?

  28. Can u change the intro song….. :3…. Plzz put the old one….. That's better than the best one

  29. where are the cool intro

  30. mighty Galydon???

  31. your*

  32. galadon can I join our clash royale clan??plz…..

    guess not

  33. The last guy failed because his witches died at the beginning

  34. Galadon is a grown ass man. Why does he live with peter 17$

  35. It's about time he brought the old intro song. I missed it so much