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Clash of Clans ♦ MAXED Bases THREE Starred! ♦ Level 9 Clan Part 2 ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. @LostPhoenixclan can i join ur clan

  2. can i join ur clan

  3. galadon are u name after a fish name megaladon!?!?

  4. If you switch the air defense and the DE storage then you could switch the rightmost inferno with the builder

  5. pray for isis

  6. What is that intro song ?

  7. Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. it is so satisfactory to see these perfectly flawless attacks!!

  9. modded all the way, no doubt!

  10. love lost phoenix love it

  11. love lost phoenix love it

  12. nice attacks!

  13. Dammmmmmmm beware of the Chinese crew.. That shit was epic

  14. vean mi canal

  15. the strat in the second raid is called: fuxi hogs.

  16. fuck these modding clans

  17. yes these attacks need lot of practice cough cough….
    but seriously there are people who can pull this off legit

  18. Try Dragon in cc

  19. pretty much how it would be against InTheDark, 3 star mentalityyy

  20. Anyone looking for a fair play clan?