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Clash of Clans ♦ NEVER LOST! ♦ ‘Unbeatable*’ Base?

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  1. I look at galadons base a few times and I always thought it was a show base.
    Glider was using this as well

  2. but you lost to a th lower than 11? (lenny)

  3. Queen walk beats this base easy

  4. Good to see dragons in use. ❤️

  5. Hey Galadon, a clanmate and me got a new musketeer world record in cr, interested at seing it? clan name : Shaft's Army

  6. Pre update?

  7. this is before the update

  8. 3 days later becomes the most used base turning it into bad

  9. K

  10. Hey Galadon can you show the Base Build?

  11. k

  12. Still not beaten by max th 11 beat by th 9 that's worse no h8


  14. They need to nerf the builder hut its too op

  15. That Town hall 9 is a real legend.congrats MVP slayer

  16. Is this an old recording? This base is an easy two star! Lol

  17. Lel

  18. Wow a clash of clans video, ask for a wish

  19. TH9 came in like a boss

  20. that base has never been beaten by TH11 but has by a TH9. WOW!!

  21. 2:27 look at the gold

  22. Hi saw ur stream I'm Awesomesauc75

  23. why aren't you maxed galadon

  24. I'm using that base

  25. galadon is the th9 that raided u was before update or after cause his loons are lvl 6 n max

  26. That base is really easy to 1 star at th9, Tobi from Quantum's 8.9 uploaded a vid of 2 players 1 starring that today lol

  27. I'm early,let me think of a joke

    Me trying to queen walk

  28. Galadon can you do like top bases for th 9's please I need to find a good base

  29. Who ever is reading this have nice day :)

  30. That townhall 9… what a precise way of attacking! 😀
    And congratulations for hitting 1,2 Million subscribers, Galadon! ^^

  31. Gallydon, Ash already showed us how to 3 star it

  32. Not even the bravest warrior could surpass the gates of the impenetrable fortress and claim the trophy's hidden inside… but one lowly pheasant wanted only 1 of the valuable trophys and by pure guts and will he was the first to ever surpass those terrifying gates.

  33. I'm a big fan