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Clash of Clans ♦ NEW WALLS ♦ Concept!

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  1. I found a 57 cup offer an 23 and a 44 and than this vid my evening is ruin :(

  2. Galadon , This is stupid, Do you see anyone using air up in higher leagues? This will sink air into nothingness in the higher

  3. If lvl12 Walls should be Come in a Update, i'm at the end of my clash of Clans time, lvl12 Walls= Money,Money,Money for Supercell….

  4. damn i miss farming :'(

  5. it would stop miners? are you retarded? miners could still dig UNDER the walls they wouldnt have to destroy the wall.

  6. I don't understand this once-a-month update thing. When things are great then it's fine, but now with all the op troops and the tiny update in July, why make players wait an entire month for some balance tweak? which by the way hasn't changed much. You can still bring miners or even bowlers+healers and easily 2-star max th11s..

  7. I thought there was an actual update :/

  8. Those walls won't matter, just bring earthquake spells…

  9. when is that clash royal tournament??

  10. New update:
    level 12 walls, level 50 heroes.
    Resources can now only be gained by gems or collectors.

  11. Wall? Donald Trump? Galatrump

  12. If ur reading this have a great day

  13. New walls please!!!!

  14. my earthquake spells agree with your idea!

  15. Selling my 3 yr old CoC account. 100% Maxed including Troops/Spells/Defences. ONLY thing not fully Maxed is 15 more yellow walls & 30/30/15 heroes. (This is not a scam, quitting for work.) 949-981-6475 IF you are serious about buying.

  16. Meh, I dislike the idea. Let's not give SC these kinds of ideas for the love of God

  17. why dous th levels 9 10 and 11 get updates all we get is an airdefens

  18. You know you're a long time gala fan when you remember that video coming out in your subbox

  19. There should be catapult in COC

  20. You're audio equipment is much improved.

  21. How bout new xbow level? There not been one for like 2 years

  22. No

  23. vc é foda galadonnn aki é br poha birrlll !!!!!!!!

  24. the thing is why would you wanna kill air attacks even more

  25. Guys, galadon is Peter17$, in episode 32, he makes the voice that sound exactly like Peter's, and he had a picture from some random guy on Instagram for a Peter17$ face reveal, and how does he always make Peter do what he wants?

  26. No galadon this is a fucking stupid idea don't give supercell an idea I'll quit if they do something to these walls

  27. awesome!

  28. pls no

    PLS GOD NO I JUST HAVE 20 LV 10 WALLS TO GO OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. What about hog attacks?

  30. you're the only one who wants new walls

  31. You were still old then lol, its it's a jk btw

  32. Gala don we don't need these special walls no one uses air troops like dragons now no point of making them