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Clash of Clans ♦ NO SHIELD! ♦ ‘Naked’ Bases in CoC ♦

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  1. It happens once in a while for me (th8.5)

  2. Yes I have I got a 29 % on defence with a full attack of a gowipe he was the worst attacker I had giant bomb out side the base the all the Wizards died only pekkas and golems were left no shield I was attacked later and got 3 stated by a townhall9

  3. I think its because you need to do over 30% to give shield that's what happens to me

  4. Yay I'm the 4060 view

  5. every1 always attack me even tho I'm in gold 3 and I have no loot :P

  6. I've had this happen I think 4-5 times, but thats it.

  7. ??both naked and coc are in the title of the video

  8. Hi galadon.I am an new th8 and i want to learn gowipe strategy.Can you make a video of gowipe strategy.Thanks!

  9. ?Can I get likes for no reason

  10. they have to use more than 60% of their troops, not their full army

  11. I'm done playing clash I get attack 10 times a day

  12. Lmao….Naked base

  13. doesn't matter, its not like they got the TH and were left st 27%. Even with old version you couldn't get a shield at until 40%

  14. "sees tunbnail says i can fap to dis"

  15. Wat THE 2nd attacker…..pretty strange earthquake placements

  16. need league bonus back ! not as per percentage

  17. I'm early let,e think of a joke…

    I know a few jokes about I unemployed people
    But known of them work

  18. I think the second guy forgot to bring a fourth earthquake

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  20. Im naked right now

  21. Yes! Finally some Wins, especially for Lost Phoenix :D. I'm ruding for your clan Galadon :D. BTW. Cam is catching up to you Galadon :D. Watch out. His channel is growing rapidly.

  22. Galadon what is the relationship between you and peter17$??

  23. Guys what is the best card in Clash Royal?

  24. Look in my Channel

  25. sub.  for sub. and like for like… enjoy!!

  26. I'm early let me think of a joke


  27. I do not at all! But I am very rushed :)

  28. I used to be fan but now I'm air conditioner

  29. Pekka worst card in Clash Royale, who agrees?

  30. Oh no!! I can't see the video! FROZEN (If you saw the stream, you'll get it)