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Clash of Clans ♦ ONE MILLION GEMS! ♦

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  1. Do somethin for ur uk fans!!!

  2. send a legend to my cln ????

  3. Hey GALADON, not to be rude or anything, but how old are you?

  4. Can u do a US code?

  5. Galadon can u do a face reveal for ur wife, ur kids and ur mom please and btw keep up the great work

  6. Is there a code

  7. Do a draw my life video

  8. Is peter related to galadon? I mean is he his brother or son or anything?

  9. Do a draw my life! Like this video so that Galadon can see! :D

  10. Do a real life video please galidon and congratulations for 1mil subs ???I'm really happy for you.

  11. @Clash of Clans Attacks and Mobile Gaming

    pls give me $100 andriod i never win anything pls long time );

  12. who else thought he was about to give away 1000000 gems? Kappa

  13. grats gal!!

  14. congratulations from Switzerland (yes, it ist 1:32 am 😀 )
    love your videos

    keep up the way you do the videos <3

  15. Subscriber since… I forget who cares

  16. Hey Galadon, do you have an Australian itunes gift card?
    Also congrats on the 1 mil subs!

  17. Hey galadon, I dont need gems, but great job on 1,000,000 all i really want is to be in your clan someday as im almost a max th11!

  18. Congrats on 1 million, Gallydon!

  19. Hi galadon glad you reached 1,000,000 subscribers keep up the great videos

  20. more google play codes?

  21. Do a peter17$ face reveal for 1 mil subs

  22. plz more

  23. weel done on hitting a million subs and by the way u make great vids

  24. Congratulations galadon wish you all the best happy Chinese New Year (I am Chinese )

  25. Let's make a story. Once upon a

  26. love u vids galadon

  27. CONGRATS!!