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Clash of Clans ♦ One Troop THREE STARS MAX Town Hall 11! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. days of clash is over. even galadon ran out of content for his videos that's why he is posting these senseless video.

  2. 5:58 who else sees it lol

  3. Galadon! there is a gemmed rush or rushed or a hacker named Boss Cute..Her Clan Is #Q2GQJRVC

  4. galadon do 1 wall breaker 3 star raid lol use as many spells as u want

  5. galadon do 1 wall breaker 3 star raid lol use as many spells as u want

  6. #do more videos

  7. wow

  8. Yeah one troop did the whole base with the help of 200 lightning spells and 20 earthquake spells and haste and rage to speed him up. I WANT TO SEE ONLY ONE TROOP NO SPELLS THREE STAR A BASE

  9. 300 GOWIPE

  10. this is rubbish totally rubbish !

  11. is there really no more content about coc than this bullshit?

  12. How do you get the developer thing

  13. Galadon doesnt reply on me


  15. you cheeky galadon. ?

  16. Pekka is not a he or she it's a robot

  17. Who thinks that Supercell need to add a "smart apell" in the game?

  18. Click baited

  19. this is getting boring

  20. Clever title on this one haha. Enjoyed the video as always, keep it up.

  21. "and 3 stars". Sure Galadon. Sure.

  22. whats ur gmail galadon? i have found some glitches on goblin maps (Cristaly leuge) or something like that

  23. the 30 sec less time update really sucks..cant get 3 stars because of time its really poor update ..please get 30 secs added again Supercell????!

  24. this guy sounds 17 but he's old????

  25. hey galadon pls harm real players it will be pleasure to get my village raided by you(and I'll be popular in my colony and school)

  26. It wasnt even the goblin most of it was lightning…

  27. 5:28 anybody else see it ??

  28. How can ı get that devoleper mode

  29. I really like the COC video with the multiple choice questions about how the raid goes on. Could you make more that type of videos pls? :)

  30. It's hard for us smaller YouTubers to grow. Please give my channel a chance, the subscribe button takes less than a blink of an eye to click ;)

  31. yep, not the best title to put on on a video

  32. +galadon gaming how many lightning spells does it take to destroy level 11 walls

  33. 300 healer queen walk with rage and haste

  34. I like this particular series.. no stress of winning, no waiting forever to get a base to attack… Good times like p laying clash in single player campaign mode. Ty Gal

  35. Is it true that galadon replays too comments

  36. Ur inspiration is gone galadon ? I disliked that vid

  37. I hate when people ask for likes for no reason… like if you agree

  38. Galadon start doing some useful strategy videos, not just entertaining ones… I dont like this kind of videos at all, they are boring… Its just my opinion

  39. heard it on stream! kamcord free app watch galadon live! do 300 troop raids live??? #ASKGALADON

  40. I know ver all this is going galadon but tell sc that if they nerf valks again coc will die and 90% ppl have started hateing it few playing will also loose interest I have invested big money in game and I don't want my investment to die !!!

  41. These videos are so pointless

  42. You don't need developer's shit iPad to do that. Just installed xMod and you can do that and even 3* maxed out TH 10/11 in clan wars lol

  43. hi

  44. How does he get 300 of everything


  46. do only 300 troops

  47. Im late let me think of a joke
    Early Jokes