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Clash of Clans ♦ QUESTIONS? ANSWERS! ♦ #AskGaladon ♦ Clash Mailbag ♦

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  1. #askgaladon how long did it take you to max th8 and did you max your pekkas??

  2. Lmao this nigga saying TH8 is balanced smh tho.

  3. Galadon make a video about your video room.

  4. Amazing content,keep up the good work ???

  5. Hahaha.. "I was with Anonymous Kings for a month before switching to lost phoenix.. by then I was th9".. woah.. first month you gemmed all the way to th9.

  6. when will clash royale be available on android??

  7. Galadon what you think about this….If a clan castle is destroyed and there is a poison inside the cc the poison will leak out and affect the attacker troops. Works the same with an earth quake spell but instead it shakes some of the lighter troops I.e. barbs gobs archers, of the map.

    what the programs u use to record and edit videos

  9. Brazil♡★★★

  10. what's your favorite troop ?

  11. Why isnt it possible to damage storages in war with lightning or earthquake(thats about 1500 damage stolen)

  12. hey dude

  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASH ROYALE TO ANDROID

  14. #AskGaladon Why Lava Hounds have more Hitpoints than Golems

  15. Can i join ur clan ..i am TH8 maxed…please 

  16. The "No Fire Balling Wizard"!

  17. 3:27 Reaction? WATCH OUT M8 U GONNA GET YO ASS SUED.

  18. I'm just starting off YouTube so sub to me if you would like one in return yourself, if not, feel free to post whatever you like in this comment box 😉 Ty

  19. Th12???

  20. Galadon I'm a th9 pushing to Titans I'm 200 cups away can you do a speed build or give some tips on pushing also I've started this channel any tips?

  21. #AskGaladon If this comment gets 500 likes can you face reveal Peter? #Copyandpaste #LikeForPeter #Galadon

  22. .

  23. rip Android users

  24. sorry bro, Th7 drag lvl 2 can still sometimes beat th8…so doesnt change anything lol

  25. Galadon didn't even say thanks for 1 mil

  26. Can you do a face cam

  27. #AskGaladon

    Surely after they have implemented 100+ Buildings, Some buildings will be worth 0% So say you were at 49% And you take out a building to get 50% But you don't get a percentage point because of the amounts of buildings, And legend league players will be fuming… Opinions on this?

  28. Hopefully the clashcon is in the UK 🙂 hopefully very close to my house 🙂
    (Sorry again for all my comments, as I said I have to pause the video and comment when I feel one coming ) can't help it :)

  29. galadon I love you,you are so humble and love your fans.
    None of your videos ever fail to make my day I just want to say thank you

  30. Who is Peter(Truly) did he ever had a face reveal or Is he GALADON?

  31. They should make a name changer like you can use 5 or 10 gems to change your name when you get tired of the old one

  32. When will clash royals come out for USA

  33. Nice video!
    please check my channel I'm currently 8th in global leaderboard (CAVASTAR)

  34. Oh my goodness I was thinking that too, like if you were online you could move your heroes were you want them to go

  35. 1,000,000 subscribers congrats!

  36. its th7 and th6 u mongo

  37. #AskGaladon :How you started playing Clash?You found it by mistacke or a friend told you or what?I will really like you to answer since i am a subscriber to you for nearly 2 years.Thx.Have a good day.

  38. ههههه اماراتي

  39. #askgaladon why they remove fucking snipes

  40. #AskGaladon Will you ever die?
    Justkidding ♥

  41. just wanted to let you know winner revealed for Balloon day is posted GALADON 🙂
    And my base actually got attacked while I was online :)

  42. The wizard lol faked almost every shot