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Clash of Clans ♦ SAVE THE WHALES! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Why is Supercell isn't nerfing bowlers.. They seem kinda OP now.. They need lower damage or lower health

  2. Finally a COC vid. Started to think you forgot how to post a COC vid. Please remember COC got you ur subs and it's still relevant. If you are falling out of love with COC then let the fans know like cam did

  3. Ik this is not a CR video but im early. anyway, a way to not make a player keep hitting the towers with rockets then win, SC can make it that if a zap spell hits the rocket, it will kill/bomb it. whatever u wanna call it as Galadon says. So yeah

  4. i like bowler gameplay

  5. This is my first coc video in 4 months… I dont like it

  6. we want more clash of clans videos no clash royal

  7. I loved your stream today Galadon. You answered two of my questions ???????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #galafam

  8. Galadon, can you do more COC videos. before you made them everyday, now I feel like clash royale is more important to you, you said your heart is with COC 🙂 2-3 videos a week, I am playing less because of that.
    Hope you consider my thoughts )

  9. Anyone notice that in the intro the balloon kills it own tower ?

  10. Coc > Royale

  11. Did anyone else notice the active springtrap at 2:41 ? lol

  12. Second song? I'll sub to you if you give it to me!

  13. Should make the bowler 7 housing space

  14. and also, does galadon reply to some comments?

  15. And some people still say that bowlers suck ass. well, you just proved yourself wrong.

  16. "In comes a seeking air mine to take out that minion" ~Galadon 2k16 3:57

  17. How many Balloons Can 2 Air Bombs Kill?
    BTW Gally, great video!

  18. Women hunt my Moby "Dick"

  19. Stop making videos like this just Bec u gem u r way through the top u can say that !!! The game is almost extent …

  20. I just can't find coc really fun anymore

  21. Does Galadon reply to his #GalaFam?

  22. Did anyone else forget about THE CLONE SPELL AND THE SKELETON SPELL

  23. last time i was this early

    ronaldo scored penaltys

  24. Hey what do u know galadon actually posts clash of clan

  25. Really enjoy your clash of clans vids wish you did them more along with a war vid maybe here and there. Really miss seeing gliders awesome new attacks

  26. Hey galadon me and my friend got a total of 12 but I had enough for 13 my clan name is FHCSPARTANS can u come and check the replay? Thanks

  27. Love The Video

  28. They need to buff wizard tower and mortar NOT add level only buff

  29. He said that the video is about getting whales, and first 2 raids weren't even whales, he even said they weren't, like lmao.

  30. how to defend against bowlers and valks ? Make a anti bowler/valk base ( closed compartments ) but it wont defend against hogs.

  31. I think they should bring back witches and Pekka

  32. I don't get it, when something gets a buff in one update, the next update it will be nerfed.

  33. If feel like at this point supercell is scared if they update a troop, than the majority of players will use 1-2 golems and that improve troop including the heroes. Supercell I feel you homies

  34. I found a 52 cup whale and only got a 1* im dead inside :'(

  35. :)

  36. easy solution, NERF THE HEALERS!!!

  37. I think I'm first.

  38. Damn niggas can't even spell cock, smh.